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Burn Injuries
By SAAM SMITH 666 views

What are the major categories of Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries can be quiet painful. Burn injuries also require a reason to heal properly. An individual can experience burn injuries due to various reasons. When we talk about burns, people usually think about burn injuries due to fire. However, burn injuries can also occur due to a chemical substance, cold, friction, electricity shock and radiations. If unfortunately, you are involved in an accident, in which you experience burn injuries, you can claim compensation against the culprit or liable party. These injuries, most of the times, occurs due to the negligence of someone else’s fault and negligence.

In developed countries such the UK, US and Canada, probably every hospital have burn injury unit. According to a report, more than 175000 victims of burn injuries are admitted in hospitals.

Categories of Burn

Burn injuries can be divided into various categories. You can also say that just like the severity of the damage, these burn injuries are divided into three categories. These categories include:

  • First Degree Burn – This is the first type of burn injury. It usually covers all mild burns. In this, the victims only face upper skin damage.
  • Second Degree Burn – Second-degree burn is the second most severe burn. These injuries include all mild to moderate burn injuries. This type of burn can damage both upper skins.
  • Third-degree Burn – This is the most severe and devastating burn injury. This type of burn injuries can damage both upper skins along with tissues underneath the skin.

The first-degree burn is not much severe as compared to second to third-degree burn. However, only proper medication will start the healing process. These burn injuries might leave scars behind them, which can cause lifetime trouble.

Accidents which can cause burn injuries

As described above, burn injuries can occur in various type of accidents. Furthermore, the main reason for these injuries is the negligence of people. However, there is various type of works and industries that are more at risk of burn injuries.

Industrial accident

Industrial burn can cause really severe damage. In industries, you deal with pure and concentrated substances. When you unintentionally touch these substances or chemicals, they may cause second to third-degree burn. If you don’t get immediate treatment or don’t know how to neutralize the effects of chemical, your wounds may become worse.

To reduce the burn injuries due to chemicals, you should use proper safety gadgets to keep your body safe. You can use glasses, gloves, and masks to ensure that you are working in a safe environment. It’s also the requirement of the employer to provide a safe and risk-free environment.

Road accidents

Road accidents can also cause burn injuries. Many of the people don’t know that burn injuries can also occur due to high friction. Especially if you are riding a bike, after the accident, you may skit on the road. The friction between the road and body can cause burn injuries. These burn injuries range from mild to moderate.

Medical burn

Many people get burn injuries during medical treatment. These injuries usually occur due to lack of knowledge, lack of skills and negligence of the doctor. A burn injury during the surgery can ruin the career of the victim. They may experience lifetime scars and wounds.

Laser skin treatments such as hair removal treatment, or scar removal treatment can also cause scars and burn injuries if done wrongfully. In this scenario, you can claim compensation against the doctor and medical staff.

What should you do?

After getting a burn injury in an accident, you should get medical attention immediately. This will help you to lower the effects of the injury. Furthermore, it will also help you in make your claim strong and worthy. If you don’t get the proper medical attention, these injuries can become worse and can also put your life at risk.

After getting medical attention, you can claim compensation against the liable party. You can seek the help of personal injury solicitor to win the case successfully. Furthermore, he can help you in various ways. He can help you in dealing with attorneys and insurance companies.

Personal injury solicitor Burnley can help you to calculate your compensation amount in the form of general damage. He can also help you to estimate your sufferings which you suffer from after getting a burn injury. This suffering includes Travel expenses, medical expenses, hospital expenses. Furthermore, you can also include social, economic and psychological damage.

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