The catering sector is getting up to date with the use of mobile applications. On the menu today, we have concocted the recipe for this success. Here are the ingredients:

What application (s) to develop for my restaurant?

There are many mobile app developers Dallas that can be used in the restaurant industry.

– First, a business application for taking orders. This requires that you equip your servers with tablets. This application can also be broken down into an application for your customers, on which they will reserve their table and place their order themselves.

– Loyalty program application: How often do your customers lose their card? With this solution, no more unpleasant surprises!

– Payment application: The cash being brought to disappear in favor of the cashless money, you might as well go about it in advance by configuring for your customers a reliable and fast means of payment on mobile!

– ” Directory ” application which allows you to list all the restaurants in a zone, or to locate all the restaurants in a chain.

Some features to integrate

The features common to these applications can be: 

  • presentation of timetables, 
  • menus translated into several languages, 
  • suggestions of the day, 
  • etc

Offered by your establishment.

Now that you know the main workable applications in the restaurant business (or maybe you have your own idea?), let’s see what benefits you will get from them.

The advantages of a mobile application in the catering industry

  • To stay in tune with the times, restaurants are no exception: they must have a digital presence. A mobile application, therefore, ensures your online presence and helps to show that you are modern.
  • If you choose to create an order taking application, then you allow your team to be more efficient in the management of the room (more staff available for the distribution of the dishes, to redo the tables…).
  • A mobile application is also the way to enrich your customer database, and thus offer them personalized offers. (Indeed, the customer can create different lists: ” my favorite desserts “, ” good dishes for my line ” …)
  • With the implementation of notifications (sending reductions, updating the card, contests, etc.), the application becomes a loyalty tool.
  • The application also serves as a communication medium with your customers, on which they can share their opinions but via which you can also ask them for theirs, with satisfaction surveys.
  • Finally, if you are anti-waste, the application can be an opportunity to inform your customers of the unsold items of the day.
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