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investing in precious metals
By AMANDA MILLS 4,102 views

CBMint and Other Tips for Investing in Precious Metals

The world of investments can be daunting. It is constantly moving, changing, and is very abstract. There is always room to learn more about physical stocks. For many beginner investors, it can be difficult to determine where the value of modern stocks is coming from. The uncertainty can affect important life decisions and outcomes such as buying your first house or saving for retirement. Throughout the recent economic struggles that the world has been facing, the promise of the longevity of investing in precious metals that can be seen and accounted for by the investors and their companies is a safe haven.

During times of financial tension, it is beneficial to learn more about tangible investments such as investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, whose values have withstood the test of time. These investments can provide you some peace of mind thanks to their resistance to inflation. In fact, gold, for example, is in higher demand as an investment than for its industrial uses.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a metal to invest in, aside from its market value, such as what you may want to use it for and what area of profit you want to invest in. Do you want an ounce of gold, a bar of silver, or to invest in or make jewelry? Maybe you’re looking to invest in the mining industry as a whole, or just want to learn more about different types of investment options? All of these questions and choices can be overwhelming, so here are some answers.

Where to Start?

For many new investors, physical purchases like gold are a solid start to a diverse portfolio. Investment companies such as CBMint are good places to begin. Here, you can learn more about CBMint. CBMint makes the buying process affordable and easy. In order to keep prices down, they order straight from the manufacturer, offer free shipping and insurance, and have streamlined their check-out process so that it is fast and easy. CBMint also buys metals for those interested in selling their stocks or assets.

There is another way to invest in precious metals that do not require physical space or money for transportation. The purchase of an exchange-traded fund, or EFT, gives you stocks in the market that can be moved with the click of a mouse without another thought. The stock is tied to the current value of whatever precious metal you have invested in. These funds can also invest in the securities of companies within the industry.

Why Invest in these Precious Metals?

Aside from the security of tangible assets and a hedge against inflation, precious metals are also a fairly liquid investment. They can quickly be pulled out and cashed, which makes metals popular investments during times of inflation.

Gold, silver, and platinum can go in different directions than stocks and bonds, especially in times of financial crisis. This diversifies your portfolio, which is one of the most effective ways to make sure you don’t lose all your money in instances of market crashes and business failures in other investments.

Precious metals all have their own uses and benefits that draw in investors of all experience levels, so it’s important to learn more about them in order to determine which is the right one for you.

Which Metal is Right for You?

Gold is one of the most investable precious metals and one of the oldest investments in the world. It is both durable and shapeable, mostly used for jewelry but can serve you industrially thanks to its ability to conduct heat and electricity. There are also many ways to invest in gold, whether it be through jewelry pieces, bars, coins, or shares in the mining industry. It also has low long-term volatility.

Silver is more known for its industrial use in electronics though it is still a common metal used for jewelry, silverware, and art. It tends to be a more volatile investment than gold due to the fact that it has more industrial uses, such as its role in solar panels.

Platinum, much like silver, mostly serves industrial purposes like automotive and petroleum. It is also used for jewelry and computers. Its rarity keeps it in high demand, despite it not having as high of a value as gold or silver.


Risks and Downsides

Of course, any investment has its risks, even when working with such an old investment opportunity. While investing in precious metals can provide a sense of security, that means security will need to be provided for your materials in return. This issue leaves you with the choice of keeping your metals in your home or in storage. If paying for storage is not a con you’re willing to deal with, keeping them with you leaves the risk of theft and natural disasters like house fires.

Precious metals are highly taxed. The IRS classifies them as collectibles, which allows a 28% tax that most long-term investments are able to avoid. To learn more about the different ways the IRS can tax this type of investment, click here. Precious metals also have no yield, meaning there is no cash flow being generated unless you are selling them. If you are looking to invest your money into something you can live on passively, precious metals are not what you are looking for.


In summary, precious metals are a sturdy, resilient long-term investment with high liquidity to consider when in need of a hedge against inflation. It’s good for those who enjoy seeing and holding their investments. The finite amount of precious metal in the world assures its investors that the metal in their possession will retain value. If you want your assets by your side for the long haul, this is the industry to buy into.

Through the erosion of centuries of major currencies, gold and silver have consistently provided economic safety nets. You can keep it in your home if you are willing to risk theft and corrosion and pay for transportation. If you do not want to store your investments in your home, you can pay to store them. If paying for storage does not sound appealing, consider investing in precious metals, mining businesses, or ETFs. Signs indicate precious metals will retain their value in the future, maintaining their safe-haven status as they have now for millennia.

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