Cell phone Tracker is helpful to Save Kids in Corona Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID 19) is an infectious disease that is the cause of the novel virus and breathes illness from normal cold to serious condition. It is a newly discovered virus that spreads by the primary drops of saliva discharge from the nose when an infected person caught or sneezes. This virus is dangerous for human life millions of people all around the world are the risk of the coronavirus. Billions of peoples are lost their lives due to this virus.

The pandemic has been effected the entire system of life by the lockdown to control the spread of the corona outbreak. It has impacted the whole life system economically, socially, healthily, and especially on education. Life is depending on the digital devices to update about the corona and continue the education process.

Online education system introduces to minimize the effects of COVID and lockdown on kids’ study. Parents give the smartphone to their kids for carrying their study. But the kids use personal smart devices for several concerns instead of study. They pretend to use the cell phone for online study but mostly they use it for their entertainment and fun. The use of mobile behind the reason for the study needs to monitor parents and track their digital devices to know that they use a cell phone is just for education purposes or some of the other activities they are doing.

COVID-19 and use of cell phones by kids

The critical situation of the coronavirus and the fastest spread of the virus lead to the lockdown all over the country to prevent the spread of this outbreak. All educational institutes close for the physical classes but the online classes continue to maintain the academic system. But kids take the smartphone for study but actually, they use it for several concerns. Parents didn’t know that they are not doing study infect do some of the other time wasted activities with a mobile phone. In this condition, parents need to track the kid’s cell phone to know the kid’s all online activities.

Why should parents care about the kid’s cell phone in COVID?

In the days of COVID-19, cell phone usage is increase with the logical reason of kids’ study purpose and some of the other reasons. But it increases the worries of parents toward their kids and too much time spends with a mobile phone.

It can affect the kid’s mental health

The usage of a cell phone with purpose and without purpose and just to scroll the social media and spend an average of the day with the digital devices can cause some mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress.

Behavioral problem

When the digital gadgets interferer with the parent’s children interaction kids use the smart devices without supervision the frustration of being involved can change the behavior of kids.

Disturb the study

The more use of mobile can directly interfere with the study of kids. When they spend an average of the day with smartphones and pay less attention to their study can because of the poor results and increase the worries of parents.

Tips for parents to deal with kids

Here some tips to deal with the kids and their cell phones in the condition of COVID 19.

  • Time-space of being use technology and digital devices for kids at home parents should control the kid’s devices into the time limit for being used.
  • To watch the kids all activities at home through keep an eye on their all online activities.
  • Works together and plan for some physical activities and involved the kids that minimize the excessive use of mobile by kids.
  • To create an environment for open discussion those kids can easily express their feelings and all about their friends and their activities.
  • Parents should monitor the kid’s cell phone devices and come to know their all online activities through the cell phone tracker.

How can safe kids through cell phone tracking software

When kids spend too much time with the cell phone and digital devices can cause of some serious problem for kids. They don’t know the darker side of digital gadgets how can they affect their upbringing. Parents are always concerned about the kid’s mobile and internet addiction. So, they want to keep an eye on kid’s digital devices through the cell phone tracker.

Phone tracker that you need to know

The theOneSpy phone tracker is the most powerful software to track digital devices. It considers the best tracking application that can help to know all about the features and activities of the targeted device. It is also called the parental control app that helps to monitor the kids all online activities.

Features of the cell phone tracking software


With the help of this application, parents can monitor all send and received text messages. Parents easily read any if any unethical SMS from their kid’s cell phones.

Social media tracking

It helps to track and monitor social media apps, Instagram Facebook, Kik Snapchat, line, and others. Parents monitor the kid’s social media apps and save them from any online predators.

Record live mobile screen

It allows recording of cellphone screen remotely. Parents can watch the present activities of kids and know the all happening of the targeted cell phone.

Call recording

It allows monitoring the all incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted device. Parents easily know about the all conversation and whom they talk to.


It helps to monitor the screen of a kid’s cell phone and allows parents to get screenshots of their kid’s cell phone remotely.

Controlled on the installed apps

This software easily monitors the social media messaging application of the target cell phone. Parents can easily monitor the targeted device secretly.


The COVID-19 online academic system gives freedom to kids to use the smartphone for educational purposes but they use it for their fun and entertainment. Cell phones use in kids creates worries for parents. So they should use the theOneSpy cell phone tracker to monitor the kid’s online activities with their digital devices.

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