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Gone are the days of heavy clunky padlocks that weigh a ton and provide only half the security of what modern locks can. With advances in home security, locking systems have come a long way from using clunky large padlocks to modern locks that use numeric codes to unlock your lock.

One such modern locking system is the master lock system, also referred to as the master key system. It is a locking system specially design so the level of access is regulated by the type of key you possess, with the top key having the highest level of authorization, this can open all the doors and gates in the area the master lock system is installed.

Pros and Cons of The Master Lock System-

The advantages of installing a master lock system:

  1. Unrestricted access to people in a room can lead to accidental damages and theft. To avoid this, you can install a master lock system that would enable you to restrict the movement of your employees by providing them with keys that only unlocked a certain amount of rooms.
  2. Lower access to rooms by people means lower requirements of monitoring people. To avoid someone entering a room, it must be made essential that they are not supposed to enter without the required permission. Especially in big business, it is very difficult to keep track of everyone from entering a room; the master lock system lessens one’s burden in this regard.
  3. They are extremely resistant to criminals who are looking into entering these rooms illegally to cause harm to you and your employees.
  4. Easy to use it is just a matter of time to get used to the master lock system mechanics, once up to speed, the locking system is easy to use and is also easier to maintain.

There however are certain disadvantages to master lock systems which one needs to take note of:

  1. The biggest flaw in any security system has always been the human element, thus when handing out keys it is required you provide them to individuals who are responsible and will not hand them over or lose them easily. Keys could go missing or someone could take them away. In such cases, having your employees trained in cautious management would help in order to prevent losing keys to master lock systems.
  2. Master Lock’s systems function by creating a network with all the locks in the locking systems, due to this if the event of a loss of key took place; replacing locks would require you to replace all the locks under the key accessibility.

Installing the Master Lock System-

If you are looking into installing a master lock system for the rooms in your building, hire a reputed locksmith, there are security companies that solely deal in the installations of the certified master lock system. It is wiser to choose a master lock system from the catalogs of a trusted and reputed security company because it is a matter of security, and it is not wise to compromise with safety. Most companies will sit down and plan out your system keeping you on the loop. Simple systems for a few rooms are easy and the system can be mapped in mere minutes, but complex systems would require more time in planning and execution. A certified master lock system is a great way to boost your security and makes it a great investment. However, like any other hardware, the system requires regular maintenance so it stays functioning smoothly as long as it could without hindering the security.

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