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By YOSTUS HANNA 1,307 views

Role Of CH2 Within Pharmacy And Hospitals

Hi, my name is Yostus Hanna, senior business development manager at Clifford Hallam Healthcare. I work as a business development manager so my main aim is to grow, expand and build on the CH2 customer base in victoria within the retail pharmacy and hospital sector.

What is CH2? And what is its aim?

CH2 stands for Clifford Hallam Healthcare. It is an Australian-based company set up in Melbourne, Victoria. CH2 distributes medical consumables, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary products and equipment in Australia.

What makes CH2 different from its competition?

CH2 is an independent privately owned Australian company. The main focus of the company is wholesaling as we have no interest in competition. Being independently owned and operated CH2 understands the choice and flexibility are important to pharmacies. One of our keys to success is about being agile and responsive and that in turn requires a team that has the same attributes. It is not for everyone but we have the flexibility to test the market, not be afraid to fail and to drive innovation.

What are the goals of CH2 within the pharmacy?

I am Yostus Hanna. My work is to develop business strategies and goals for CH2. My main aim is to create and explore new business opportunities for CH2 within the pharmacy and hospital sectors. As the head of the business development department, I want to develop and implement territory-specific sales plans, in both the short and long terms. Manage current and existing accounts and facilitate their growth. The most important aim is to make CH2 capable of ensuring excellent services and meeting customer satisfaction. To be the best in this sector we have to have a plan and I know I have a team that can implement this and produce great results.

What hurdles do new companies like us face in the pharmacy channel?

This is the most commonly asked question we get, what hurdles does a new company like CH2 face in the pharmaceutical sector face. This feels like a challenge while our customers and suppliers welcome it. We are still here learning, and we are OK with that. We are also trying to ensure we are building our brand awareness. We are a national full-line CSO, OTC, and front-of-shop wholesaler. We partner with all major suppliers and we have a distribution network across Australia to provide the service to the pharmacy.

Finding inspiration and motivation to keep going

The biggest inspiration and motivation are the people I work with and all the workers of CH2 that are trying to make CH2 successful in the pharma sector. I Yostus Hanna is very fortunate to work with lots of amazing people. They are the ones who are always there, stopping at nothing to help and they keep you going. I will never want to let them down, as that’s what they do for me at CH2 every day.

Advice you wanna give out to the new companies

For any business to develop you need proper plans and proper implementation, you need a good team that is hungry for success, you need proper management and you have to comfort your customers’ satisfaction. You have to be loyal to your work and the customers that are putting their faith in you.

Yostus Hanna

Yostus Hanna is current Senior Business Development Manager of Clifford Hallam Healthcare with Key Responsibilities like grow, expand and build on CH2 customer base in Victoria within the retail pharmacy and hospital sectors.