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Healthcare Laws

Manziel Law Offices Assists Navigating Ever-Changing Healthcare Laws

Innovation is the driving force behind the success of any nation. It has affected every facet of our lives and the healthcare system is not left behind. Innovation is critical in the development and improvement of the healthcare system. From automated diagnostic machines to robots that attend patients, and healthcare mobile apps that provide virtual first aid or medical tips. 

Healthcare laws and regulations are put in place to keep innovations in check to protect the patients, health workers or hospital’s interest. Though some laws are too complex and a bit too much which can frustrate the efforts of health workers. It can also make it difficult for low-income earners to access a quality healthcare system. This is why the services of legal personnel are sometimes employed to navigate the murky waters of these regulations.

According to lawyer Lisa Manziel who works at Manziel Law Offices, she provides various services for her healthcare clients. In her words, “Manziel Law Offices has settled reimbursement issues, worked with health workers and professionals and navigated the healthcare regulations and laws.”

Healthcare laws and regulations are guidelines and rules put in place by the government or related agencies for health workers and patients to follow. Failure to follow the laid down rules can make the violators be subjected to a fine or jail term.

Factors Leading To Healthcare Regulations and Laws

Based on recent research, Manziel Law Offices, a leading law company highlights the following points:

Medical Cost:

In past years in the US, health care is more affordable than before resulting in more access to healthcare. This has increased the demand for medical care. The cost has risen significantly and has made it difficult for most people to get medical help. Cost of medicine, lack of health insurance are examples of medical expenses incurred by patients.

Technology and Access to Digital Information:

It is a digital world and information is accessible on the internet. Patients can book appointments with their health practitioner online instead of offline. You can order prescription refills, consult with a primary care physician and schedule your appointment. The disadvantage is that you’ll need to wait for days before you get a slot for you to see a doctor. Hence, why most people prefer going to the hospital personally to book an appointment. Medical technologies have taken over some human jobs and affected health workers’ recruitment.

Medical Debt Incurred:

Some people have accumulated debts for their medical treatment and they do not know why or how. Some debts might even be unwarranted. Some patients might have been tricked to buy unnecessary health insurance. This is why Manziel Law Offices represents their clients to help them understand what they should do.

Increasing Drugstore Clinic Presence:

The growing number of small drug clinics has been seen as a source of competitiveness for hospitals. They provide basic medical care and much more. Most people prefer going to this clinic where the fees are affordable than going to hospitals.

The government needs to simplify the laws and regulations so that the layman can understand and know what they are purchasing. There should be adequate healthcare provision but at an affordable price for the masses.

When the necessary measures are in place, more people will have access to good healthcare.

Manziel Law Offices

Lisa A Manziel is an Insurance Law and Health Care Law lawyer in Dallas Texas who attended St. Mary's University School of Law.