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Move out cleaning is one of the arduous tasks for tenants. It involves a lot of energy, time, and money. Even after spending a lot of dollars to buy cleaning tools, one cannot get the desired results. Some tenants also lose their money and get only half the bond deposit amount.

When the time is less and you need to finish the move-out cleaning task, you can hire professional cleaners. The team of move out cleaning Melbourne makes it easier for you to vacate the property at the right time.

What is the Average Price of Move Out Cleaning in Melbourne?

The cost of move out cleaning service depends on the total area of the home. If the area of your home is between 600 and 2400 sq. ft., then you have to pay between $125 and $450. The average price of move out cleaning per hour is between $40 and $60.

The maximum price of move out cleaning is about $650 for the home with an area up to 3500 sq. ft. This price includes cleaning of all the rooms of the home.

What does Move Out Cleaning Cover?

Vacate cleaning service is beneficial for every tenant. It saves time and gives the best results at less cost. Normally, the move out cleaning covers the following things:

  •       All the rooms including outdoor spaces such as patio, decks, and backyards
  •       Wiping the kitchen cabinets and cleaning of kitchen appliances like microwave and ovens
  •       Removing stains from the bathroom tiles and washing the floors, sinks, showers, taps, and washbasin
  •       Sanitizing the toilet seat with disinfectants and toilet cleaners
  •       Washing of curtains, carpets, sofa covers, and doormats
  •       Washing of floors of laundry rooms along with cleaning of taps and sinks

What are the Types of Cleaning Offered by the Move Out Cleaning Team?

Every home requires different types of cleaning according to the area and amount of dirt. The different types of move out cleaning are as under:

  1. Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning includes dusting and mopping the floors and washing the bathroom and cleaning the bathroom mirror. Apart from that, it includes removing garbage from the home, cleaning of kitchen and bathroom taps and sinks.

  1. Deep Cleaning

All the tasks not included in standard cleaning come under deep cleaning. You have to pay more charges for the deep cleaning of the home. Deep cleaning includes everything from cleaning of outdoor spaces to garage cleaning. It includes cleaning ceiling fans, removing stains from the gas stoves, cleaning blinds, and so on.

How do Professionals Count the Cost of Move Out Cleaning?

While calculating the price of move out cleaning, the professionals consider the total bedrooms and bathrooms in the home. Apart from that, they also consider the tasks of cleaning kitchen tools, window cleaning, and so on. Some more factors are considered in the price of move out cleaning such as:

  • Cost of Cleaning Products

Move out cleaning includes the price of all the solutions and products.

  • Time

Time is one of the most important factors while calculating the price of move out cleaning. If there are 2 or 3 workers for cleaning the home, the time will reduce. On the other hand, the cleaning will take longer if there is only one cleaner.

  • Additional Cleaning Tasks

You have to pay extra charges for add-ons in the move out cleaning packages. Most of the add-ons include window cleaning, laundry cleaning, and refrigerator cleaning, and so on. You have to pay extra charges for cleaning ceiling fans, garage cleaning, and washing window sills.

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