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Best ways Chatbots can help marketers to increase sales
By MARIA BAEZA 1,573 views

Best 10 Ways Chatbots can Help Marketers to Increase Sales

Thanks to the upcoming technology that includes AI, a chatbot is one of its features. It has evolved and is one of the amazing tools that can help you in your business processes by taking it forward. Chatbots help marketers to increase their sales funnel, by taking care of their customers and their queries.

It is very important to help your customers with their doubts and queries. If they are happy and satisfied, your sales will increase. Here, natural language processing (NLP) powered chatbots come to your help.

Look out for 10 ways, chatbots can help Marketers – 

1 – Audience having a great experience:

Chatbots collaborate with social media and gather all the required information about the related person. This helps them to converse and clear their doubts. When a customer inquiries in customer care, the chatbot answers them step by step, and thus takes the conversation according to the customer’s requirements.

Chatbots changes the nature of the conversation, as it represents you by name and interacts in a friendly, helping tone. This gives a positive effect on the customer.

2 – Increased engagement:

Chatbots can keep the customers engaged and entertain them for a longer period. There are many other marketing tools, but chatbots are unique in keeping your customers busy for a longer time.

E.g. – While playing any sort of video, your customer may be attentive, but when it ends, the engaging period also finishes as it does not have anything to offer.

Your target audience will get all the attention and engagement from a Chatbot. It will send all the required and vital information to the customer regarding their business, services, and products. In this way, a chatbot helps in all the personalized ways.

3 – Capable of reaching more audiences:

Chatbots are mostly visible on messaging platforms. They reach your audience and are found in many multiple messaging applications to help your customer’s doubts and queries. Chatbots reply to your customers depending on the type of brand and purchase history. Therefore, marketers get more opportunities to increase their sales.

4 – Collect, analyze customer data with feedback:

Besides conversing with your customers, Chatbots also gather data and related feedbacks from them. The feedback process is made easy by providing relevant questions to customers. This saves time for people who do not prefer to waste time and effort in surveys.

By using the right tools, the chatbot can easily gather and analyze feedback from the customers. This feedback will provide you proper information on what your customers want from you. This will certainly help you in forming the correct marketing strategy for getting more sales. If you are focused on your customer’s needs, then you can increase your sales.

5 – Notifications can be sent:

Chatbots are perfect in gathering and analyzing any related data of the user, thus they are also capable of sending personalized notifications to each user through social media tools. Most of the customers do not prefer the bulk of emails or messages about your business activities, due to which marketers use chatbots for sending relevant information to keep them updated.

6 – Communicate with your brand:

Just by communicating with customers through your brand is not going to serve any purpose. You also need to make interactions funny and interesting. Chatbots make your marketing strategy fun and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. Another benefit also includes an increased number of visitors to your website and shares links to your blogs and articles.

E.g. – Type of Chatbot can be – allowing users to research for various recipes by using simple emoji on Facebook.

7 – Your brand becomes active:

Brands only communicate once when a customer contacts them. This is a passive approach and thus portraits a negative image of the brand.

When your customer arrives on your website, the chatbot sends a welcome notification and keeps them updated. This activity increases the reputation of your brand along with the interactions. The effect can be seen on your sales that increases in number.

8 – Move your customers through sales funnel:

Every business or brand’s marketing strategy includes great leads. It is one of the vital parts of any brand. Here, Chatbots gathers all the relevant information and allows you to send personalized messages to your customers. This helps them in their purchasing process.

Your chatbot can be formed in a marketing campaign that will be effective in lead nurturing. This will allow you to send messages according to the pieces of information you have and leads to visiting your website. In a way, chatbots will increase your sales graph.

9 – Your social media presence must be fresh:

It is not possible to answer every query of your customers. This will be extremely time-taking and expensive for your customer care team. A Chatbot will make you available for 24 hours a day and also platform of social media presence will be active.  This is exactly what your customer needs!!

10 – Create your AI-powered chatbot:

You can create your Chatbot that will be AI-powered. You need not know any sort of coding knowledge or invest any abundant amount of money. Your Chatbot can –

  • It includes message applications.
  • Your Chatbot can push personalized offers and deals, if in demand.
  • Give importance to phrases and words.
  • Payment from your social media pages.

Examples of Chatbots –

  1. Plum
  2. Domino’s Pizza
  3. Arsenal FC
  4. Sephora
  5. Adobe
  6. GoPro
  7. Evernote
  8. Universal Studios


Businesses and brands prefer message applications to communicate with their customers, as it is an easy way to clear their doubts and also provide related advice on their purchase. Thus chatbots are popular and are one of the effective marketing strategies that are opted. Chatbots provide various benefits like knowing about your audience, remodeling your marketing efforts, reaching new customers, and increasing sales funnel.

Maria Baeza