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You have made a detailed assessment, chosen the best among all luxury apartments for sale in Hyderabad, and finally got the best deal. The hassles of home loan documentation, house warming ceremonies, parties at the workplace are all done, and it is finally time for the builder to hand over your precious possession to you.

Once the property is registered on your name, you are its sole owner. Yes, that is right. However, there are a few things you still have to pay close attention to, especially when you have made a purchase in gated community apartments in Hyderabad.


When it is a gated community, even though you own one five-hundredth or one-thousandth of it, you should have the entire set of link documents. If you want to go paperless, upload it on the cloud or a drive, keep a soft copy on a thumb drive or a CD (the only problem being, we aren’t sure if they will still be in use ten years later). The link documents, the permission of the project, and approved plan are common to the whole venture, while the sale deed, agreement of sale, and occupancy certificate are unique to your unit alone. It is also a great idea to check for no dues with different municipal bodies and boards – you will be surprised at the shock many people have when they receive a huge bill years after possession.


The builder usually maintains the venture for a certain period, before handing it over to the owners association. Before the formation of this owners welfare association it is the builder-developer’s responsibility to maintain the community’s common facilities and amenities. Usually, you will be charged a corpus or maintenance fund which is not shown as a part of your flat’s sale price. Ensure to obtain a no dues for maintenance too.


Check for all electrical plugs, sockets, MCBs, and boars. Do they match the standard you have been promised? Have you been provided with extra or specific electrical points that you had requested? If no, set it right before taking possession of the flat. Also, ensure earthing, and check connections. Understand the basic functioning, so that you can perform the first aid in case anything goes wrong. Make sure that the inverter functioning, and when power switches to an alternate mode, it should happen without any glitches.

Construction and finishing:

Check all rooms for cracks especially on walls near the beams, and look for mold or leakages from shoddy plumbing work done, not just in your apartment but the apartment above. Is the plastering neatly done? Does the colour scheme match what you had asked for? Make sure all doors and windows fit in well into their frames, and the doorknobs work fine.

Security & automation:

If you have purchased a home in one of those ventures promising smart home features like  24X7 security and automation, you need to pay close attention to check if all CCTV fittings are working fine, and are recording well. Also ensure that your automation is customized to allow your and families login, the solar panels work fine, and all electronics / electrical points connected to the solar panel are proper. If your community offers piped gas, please check for proper fittings, without any leakages. Check gas leakage alarms, smoke alarms and fire alarms are all set properly and functional. Ideally, you should get a warranty or an annual maintenance contract, which you can consider renewing later.

Plumbing and tiles:

Heating mechanisms, taps & bathroom fittings including flushes must work properly. The tiles must be placed and finished perfectly to avoid water seepage. Ensure the sink in the kitchen is fit properly and does not leak. Also check all drainage outlets in the kitchen, utility areas, balconies, and bathrooms for clogging – a common problem because silt from all the construction work gets deposited into them.

Amenities and common utilities:

While some amenities like clubhouses are handed over later, most of them like children’s play area, swimming pool or game arenas should be handed over as per schedule. More importantly, common areas of lighting and lifts should be functional – especially if you are on a high rise floor.

Stick to this basic checklist, and you are sorted! Go ahead, set foot into your dream house, and make it your home. It is a smart idea to be fully satisfied before you occupy the dwelling unit because you can demand changes if it is not what is promised. After all, a home is your personal space, and don’t settle for anything less.

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