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Tire Purchase
By JOE MAILLET 679 views

Points to Check before Tyre Purchase

Choosing the right kind of tyres for a vehicle is more important than people think it to be. There is a high chance of buying the wrong ones either due to misinformation or no information. As tyres are a little uninteresting and not much understandable for the general folk, tyres are the most neglected parts of a car or any other automotive. Here we will see what the things that need our attention are and why especially when purchasing a new tyre.

Why is Making the Right Choice Important?

There are a lot of things available in the market, but we always try to get the good or the best ones. Similarly, it is natural to look for good or the best-suited tyres for a vehicle, after all a lot depends on them. Tyres are also not a small expense as right tyres can cost a fortune too. So, there is no reason to waste money by making a bad or wrong choice and risk lives. One can indeed find cheap tyres online, but the price might be a bait to catch your attention and lure one into buying defective or used tyres. As tyres can affect the car performance to a remarkable degree parallel to the safety conditions, it cannot be neglected.

Factors to be Considered

  • Choosing the right tyre size is one of the essential tasks while getting a new tyre. The correct tyre sie ensures the safety of the ones inside the car. If the tyre is either big or small in size and doesn’t fit right, then much mechanism gets affected, and ultimately the vehicle is at risk. Loose tyres may come out any time on the road while the car is on the run and lead to a severe accident threatening all the lives in and around the vehicle. So it is essential to check the manual and get the size suggested for your car by the manufacturer. Tyres come with a label which needs to be checked and matched with your vehicle requirement.
  • Checking for enough tread on the tyres is a must move for every buyer. Often people miss this detail and end up getting used or unusable tyres. There is a minimum mark set for all tyres which need to be followed for safety reasons and comfortable drive. If you are out to buy a new tyre, then make sure the tread depth is way above that mark so that it can go miles after miles without any problem.
  • Tyre width also plays a vital role in the tyre performance, and so even if a majority is negligent about this due to lack of awareness, this can affect tyre performance. Tyre width is directly proportional to the grip on the road. So if you need more gripping then go for a wider tyre, and if you are looking for less noise, then slightly narrow tyre shall serve the purpose. Tyre width is given on the tyre label in three digits at the beginning of it. So if you find a tyre label like A P198/50/R16/V, then 198 mm is the tyre depth of that tyre.
  • Other than the width and tread depth, other things need attention. Tyre profile is the next important thing that should be checked before purchasing any tyre. It is always suggested to choose a high profile tyre as they are much more reliable than the lower ones. A low profile is more vulnerable, and high profile tyres are much more comfortable to drive with.
Joe Maillet

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