Do you want to know if your company manages to develop a good employer In Direct IT Staffing?

Suppose you are receiving good comments from former employees when they leave the company through social networks. In that case, the company has a good rating on websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn. You receive many emails or calls requesting to join the organization; indeed, your employer branding is optimal, and your ability to attract talent is very high.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is known as the employer brand recognized in a company, closely related to the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in Direct IT Staffing. This proposal should include the benefits and positive aspects of working in a company in return for its talent and the work and performance.

How to evaluate and obtain a diagnosis of our employer branding?

We make it easy for you. We have prepared a checklist to evaluate and have a diagnosis of the level of employer branding that your company has. In this way, you will know if you are on the right track or if your company needs to get down to work to start attracting and retaining talent in a big way.

What actions should your company take to improve its employer branding?

Many strategies can launch your company to a stellar employer branding level, in which the percentage of talent attraction increases considerably. Still, in general, we are going to summarize those that we consider most important in Amuntalent:

1. Transparency about the value proposition

To the employee. If you show in networks and communication channels what you can offer (and we are not just talking about salary), it is easier for you to attract potential candidates with a lot of talent. 

This is perhaps one of the most critical points, and working on it requires effort and the union of two departments: marketing and talent.

2. Take care of your employees

And make them share in the success of your company. Indeed you have seen how many companies upload photos of their happy employees, recognition when someone achieves something important, etc. 

That is very good, but it should be exhibited on the networks, but from the inside, there must be consistency and recognition in the form of prizes, bonuses, points to promote, etc. And here also comes the fact that there is fluid and democratic communication in the company.

3. Assemble a fluid and transparent selection process

which respects equal opportunities, open to human diversity, without prejudice, based on the adequacy of the profile with the business culture, and above all with a follow-up of all candidate’s status of the vacancy. 

And it is not about copying / pasting an email template to inform that they have not been selected, but rather to communicate more humanly the reasons why they did not become part of the company on that occasion. And that requires a significant level of empathy and assertiveness. This is also employer branding and a good one.

4.- Emotional retribution.

Not everything is money, although it is essential that the salary offered is at the market level for the position and requirements demanded. Otherwise, we fall into inconsistencies and subtract points from your employer branding. 

The non-monetary part is more comfortable to implement than many managers. Company owners think flexible hours, special celebrations, days off, awards for meeting objectives, support for studying a career, support for grocery shopping, etc. There are many more strategies in Direct IT Staffing to improve a company’s employer branding, but it would be enough to write a book, and for the moment, we leave it at that.

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