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bathroom renovation trends
By BLISS BATH & KITCHEN 4,230 views

Outdated Bathroom? Checkout New Remodeling Trends

There is something that our bathroom does to our senses. One day we are totally in love with the designs and décor. Another time, we aren’t just having it anymore and are ready to do away with décor that seems to have gone out of style. However, there are designs that have won the award of timeless forever. With their classic colors, timeless bathroom accessories USA and fixtures, seamless designs, smart storage, these bathroom decors seem never to go out of style. We also can’t ignore that some bathroom trends have gone overboard to sacrifice functionality for style. Hence, if you are looking for new bathroom renovation trends and transform it into something you will love in years to come, check out these helpful tips. 

Eliminating the tub

It’s not uncommon to see homeowners planning to replace their tub with a large luxurious shower altogether. They are practical, attractive and are in trend. However, if you are looking into the resale of your home, you might have to rethink this option. Most homeowners do want a tub and removing the tub can decrease your home resale values. There are still many that prefer a relaxing soak in the bath while those with kids and pets will be having a bathroom tub on the top list. If you are planning to age-in-place, however, a shower is a good option. 

Open showers

No more doors or curtains barrier, door-less showers have become many favorites as it visually increases the size of the bathroom and allows seamless entry into the shower. Investing in a door-less shower is a smart move that can keep you living safely as you age. Plus, it certainly also frees you of elbow grease as bathrooms without doors are easier to clean. However, open showers might be trendy but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, the lack of privacy is something to be considered and there is the possibility of water sprinkling over the whole bathroom. Moreover, any bathroom without a barrier runs the high risk of being cold as there is no enclosure to trap in the warmth and humidity. You can solve this by getting bathroom steam units online

Style over functionality

Picking style over functionality, many of us have already been there. After all, there is nothing like a big, bathtub with sleek designs that help creates that mood of elegance and nostalgia. But looking at some bathroom design aesthetics is not the only reason to go for it. The oversize tub comes with a heavy price tag and it might not worth the splurge if you are not someone that uses the tub every day. Also, don’t forget that this might require more water to get filled up. Is your heater up to that? And you have the rising water bills to think about. If you are planning on an update, a minimalist approach might be the way to go.  

Lack of storage

One of the mistakes that can be made in a bathroom design is the lack of storage space. Clearing those clutters for an organized bathroom might be what you need for a functional, aesthetically pleasing bathroom that can be add in the bathroom renovation trends. If your bathroom lack of storage space, there are plenty of smart sleek storage solutions for even the tiniest bathrooms. Design with your storage needs in mind. 

Exposed pipes

Expose pipes are increasing in popularity for good reasons. It looks natural in the bathroom while giving out that industrial bathroom vibes. It can easily blend into the bathroom natural design. While exposed pipes might be in trend, they are not something that will remain forever. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get bored of this design over time. Moreover, if you want bathroom renovation trends that will last long, exposed pipes might not be a good option. They can easily get crusted or leaky when bumped hard. They are also exposed to weather wear and tear since they are not protected from the external climate. The point is hidden pipes mean less risk of leaks, wear and tear and any other expensive plumbing repairs. 

Ready to take your bathroom design to the next level? Consider these tips before making a renovation decision and of course, for anything you need while bathroom and kitchen renovation, you know the right direction to head to! Right here, to Bliss Bath and Kitchen!

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