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By DR. ANOSH AHMED, MD 2,307 views

Chicago government funds hospitals to close healthcare disparities

Healthcare is very important to human well-being. This is why doctors like Anosh Ahmed try their best to provide the best medical care. In Chicago, many people don’t have access to good healthcare at all. This may be due to financial constraints that make it hard for them to afford healthcare expenses. And some people live far away from healthcare centers and don’t get help until it’s too late. Other factors include language barriers and racial and social discrimination in the healthcare sector. To address these issues, many Chicago hospitals are working tirelessly to provide all-inclusive healthcare to all. Therefore, the government has decided to support such hospitals with funds to make their work easier. Qualified doctors like Anosh Ahmed are also employed in these hospitals to provide quality healthcare to patients.

Anosh Ahmed is a philanthropist and a medical doctor who has been active in many philanthropic works. He is passionate about the healthcare of his patients, especially those who come from marginalized backgrounds.

The government funding

The Chicago government is committed to bettering the quality of life of its residents. It has invested heavily in the healthcare sector because it knows that health is wealth. Hence, the government has made a move to support hospitals that are dedicated to serving humanity. Therefore hospitals like Loyola University Medical Center, Roseland Community Hospital, St. Anthony Hospital, and others have received these funds. These hospitals have advocated inclusive healthcare access for all without any prejudice. The funding set aside for all recipients is estimated to be in millions of dollars.

Health Disparities in Chicago

Many Chicago residents are unable to get access to good medical care for one reason or the other. When they get sick, they either use over-the-counter medications without consulting a doctor. This is because most of them don’t have medical insurance and can’t afford the expensive medical bills. At the end of the day, they develop complications or worse, die. Many patients suffer from various diseases that could have been prevented if they went to a doctor. Similarly, some Chicago residents suffer from hormonal diseases that need constant monitoring. But without access to healthcare, the diseases persist and affect their daily lives. An example of such a disease is PCOS in women due to their hormones. According to Anosh Ahmed, MD, PCOS occurs in many women and needs medical intervention. If left unattended, it can lead to many complications including the risk of having cancer.

About PCOS

Medical expert, Dr. Anosh Ahmed stated that PCOS affects many women in the world and is a cause for concern. Many women in Chicago experience PCOS but don’t have access to healthcare. For example, women that are unemployed with no health insurance can’t afford to go to hospitals. Some belong to the minority group and are overlooked in the healthcare sector.

Causes of PCOS

There are many causes of PCOS in women. Some of them are:

  • Hormone Issues: Too many androgens in the body may lead to PCOS in women.
  • Insulin Issues: When a woman’s body resists insulin, she may experience PCOS. How? The body cannot utilize insulin which leads to excess insulin in the body. Then, the female organ that produces eggs will release more androgens.


One of the symptoms of PCOS is Hirsutism.


The development of unwanted hair on a woman’s body is called hirsutism. It is a condition that is associated with excessive secretion of androgens in women. It’s not a rare condition, and it is manageable. If you have hirsutism, you need to see a doctor immediately. Otherwise, if you leave it for a long time without treatment, it may complicate the problem. You can go to Loretto Hospital, Chicago for a medical examination.

Types of PCOS

Inflammatory PCOS

Symptoms of this type of PCOS are:

  • Sudden fatigue can’t be explained.
  • Skin problems.
  • More proteins in the body.
  • Constant headache.

What to do

  • Maintaining the health of your gut goes a long way in preventing PCOS. Visit the hospital to check your gut often.
  • Do not eat food that can cause inflammation.
  • Take naturally made anti-inflammatory supplements and food like omega 3 acid and turmeric.
  • Take antioxidants, most especially, natural ones.

Insulin resistance PCOS


  • Constant fatigue
  • The person gains weight in the abdomen.
  • An individual suffering from this type of PCOS craves sugar.

What to do:

  • Work out regularly and move about as often as possible.
  • Adopt a low-sugar diet
  • Let your diet be balanced
  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Good sleep
  • Take nutrients like chromium and magnesium.

Adrenal PCOS

What to do:

  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Calm your mind and body through relaxing exercises and poses. You can meditate or do yoga to de-stress.
  • Sleep well.
  • Take food and supplements that are rich in Vitamins B5 and C, and magnesium.

From the above-detailed explanation of PCOS, you can see why it’s important to get medical care. Anosh Ahmed believes that the funds from the Chicago government will go a long way in the healthcare sector. Chicago hospitals don’t need to worry about money when they attend to their patients.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed, MD

Dr. Anosh Ahmed is a Doctor and entrepreneur, who also work in healthcare and provided top-quality services for his patients. He would like to continue his hard work to provide support to his community within healthcare