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Use Spy App to Track Children Mobile
By ADDISON ALBERT 2,356 views

Is your child having Girl or Boy Friend, How to Know?

Is it bad to have a girl or a boyfriend? Certainly, it is not. Even some kids are not shy to tell their parents that they have a friend, or they have a crush on someone. But at times, kids do not bother or do not want to tell their parents about their new friend. This happens mostly with the girls, who come across a seductive person who initially just pretends to be a friend. There comes the point of satiety. Parents remain unaware of what is happening and that pricks their mind. Well, if they try to peek into their kid’s phone, they are stuck with the screen lock. And that marks the end to their quest.

That is not the end. That is just a fail attempt. Even that is not the beginning. But what is a plausible way that can help the parents know who their kids are talking to? Certainly, they need something that can help them to monitor their kids remotely. And also, to avoid a chance to peek into their kid’s smartphone. For that, they need a parental app, or what we use to call spy apps to learn what is happening in their kid’s life. One good example is set by OgyMogy, a parental app that monitors kid’s phones for them.

Now the question is, how OgyMogy, a parental spy app helps the parents know who their kid is dating.

How OgyMogy Helps:

OgyMogy is packed with some tremendous features that serve handy to the parents. Each feature can help the parents know what their kids are doing on their phones. And simply gives the complete detail of all the happenings taking place in kid’s life. Such as the text monitoring feature.

Text Monitoring Feature:

Texts are the entry door to inspect the new relations in anyone’s life. Texts are cheap, convenient, and fast. Anyone who is not answering the call will read the text whenever they get time. And that makes the texts so much spectacular in human life. OgyMogy jumps inside the target phone and watches every text sent and coming in. And it relays all the information to the host. Certainly, that will give a sign to the parents if they doubt their kid having a girl or a boyfriend.

Besides texting, calls are the next step way of communication in every relation. Especially, when that is the so-called friendship relation, the calls serve the context. OgyMogy relives the parents by its call monitoring feature. And how that works?

Call Monitoring Feature:

Call monitoring features serves in two ways. It observes the entire call log and publishes it as it is to the host. Then it joins every call that the target phone receives or dials. And records all the conversation that is made available to the host. Well, the host means, the parents. Parents can retrieve the recording and listen to everything said on the call. This convenient feature can help the parents in finding the person with whom their kids are in connection. And also find the number of that person.

Now, if there is nothing on the texts or in the calls, then where the conversation is taking place. Of course, then it should be on social networks or somewhere on the messengers. Well, OgyMogy solves that problem as well. Its social network and messenger monitor examines the social activities of the target and lets the host know of that. What else it does?

Social Network, Messenger, and Multimedia Feature:

Tapping into social networks, messengers and multimedia become easier with OgyMogy. You do not need to trespass a security process to move inside the social accounts. Instead, OgyMogy does that for you. It keeps an eye on every social activity that your kid does. Along with that, it checks all the multimedia files received and sent. Certainly, if the calls and texts do not have anything, there should be something in photos and videos.

But if even there you are not finding anything, then let’s try another feature.

Live Recording and GPS Tracking:

Where your kid’s been? Your kid might not tell you. But OgyMogy can do that. It makes a travel log by recording everything where your kid goes. And it even provided the GPS location of that spot where your kid might be meeting his or her strange friend.

Indeed, this will help the parents to know what is happening in their life. And you can get to know it clearly, who the new friend is that the kids are hesitant to tell about.

Addison Albert

Addison is a journalist and blogger. He is a passionate contributor to parenting solutions with best undetectable spy apps for Android .