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Why Chiropractor warns to sleep on your Right Side?
By JOHN O MEADORS 2,784 views

Why Chiropractor warns to sleep on your Right Side?

We all know that proper sleep is essential for mental and physical well-being, but most people are not aware of the fact that sleep position is another important factor in the quest for optimum health. According to John O Meadors for many people, sleeping on the left side is good for the digestion, back pain, and even for the health of heart due to the positions of different organs.

Here are six potential benefits that are given by John O Meadors:


 If you are having digestion problem or you are always feeling bloated, the reason could be anything. One reason you might want to look into is how you are sleeping at night. The pancreas and the stomach are on the left side of our body, so if you sleep on the left side, it will help them to function accurately. When you go to bed, at night, the undigested toxin transfer from your small intestine to the large one, and in the end, they make their way to the colon.

John O Meadors - Digestion

Once they are in the colon, they are excreted the next morning. And this is the reason, experts suggest every individual should sleep on his left side; it helps this process run smoothly. In fact, according to many physicians, after a heavy meal, people take a quick power nap on their left side. It helps an individual to digest the meal and give him more energy.

And now if we talk about heart health: As we all know the heart is located on the left side of our body. So it makes sense when Chiropractor says that one should not sleep on his right side, but instead, sleep on his left side. If an individual sleep on his left side, it allows blood to flow smoother towards the heart. And also it is essential to put stress on the heart, so it is advisable for an individual to sleep on his left side and give his heart and other parts of the body at rest.

Pregnant Women

According to experts, women must spend as much time as possible sleeping on their left side. It helps women with blood flow to the uterus and fetus. Most pregnant women find issues in their spine, therefore, if they sleep on their left side, it will help relieve pressure on their spine. It also helps in the flow of nutrients to the placenta, which will help keep the baby healthy. Therefore, experts recommend pregnant women to sleep on the left side, by keeping knees bent and a pillow in-between.

John O Meadors - Pregnant Women


Do you find difficulty in sleeping at night because your partner is snoring? Well, in this case, you must try to tell them to sleep on their left side. Most people are not aware of the fact that by sleeping on the left side, you are actually keeping your throat and tongue in a neutral position. Also, it will help keep your airway clear so you can breathe properly. Additionally, sleeping on your back makes snoring even worse as it pushes your muscles to the back of your throat.

John O Meadors - Snoring

It may reduce heartburn

According to many experts, lying on the left side is helpful in reducing acid reflux symptoms. And the reason is our stomach that lies on the left side. On the other hand, lying on the right side may worsen these symptoms. Therefore, if you’re struggling with heartburn after a meal, it is advisable for you to lie down for a 10-minute on your left side.

John O Meadors - Heartburn

It may relieve back pain

Left-side sleeping is also beneficial for those who suffer from chronic back pain. And that is because sleeping on the left side can relieve pressure on the spine. Furthermore, an individual feel more comfortable, in turn, will increase the chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

John O Meadors - back pain

Bottom Line

According to John O Meadors, these are a few reasons why sleeping on the left side is beneficial for most people.

John O Meadors

Dr John O. Meadors PHYSICIAN IN THE STATE OF UTAH is Principal Owner at Dynamic Consulting in Provo, Utah Area, Medical Devices.