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motor insurance

Yes Insurance Helps You Choose Right Motor Insurance

Vehicle owners and automobile businesses should inevitably have effective insurances to protect themselves and their businesses. The government is doing its part to ensure the financial safety of its citizens. It has made third-party liability motor insurance compulsory for all automobiles whether commercially or personally used. The reason is that many unfortunate incidents happen on the road and all the parties involved are affected. Any damages incurred are covered by these insurances. Even if the incidents are man-made or due to natural disasters.

The best time to get your motor insurance is now. Do not wait until something happens before you get one. Get insured by excellent insurance firms like Yes Insurance owned by Emma Rita Simonides. Emma Rita Kimonides has spent more than three decades as a senior manager in the insurance industry. She is the founder of Yes Insurance and has served in various capacities and departments. Emma Kimonides has made Yes Insurance a force to be reckoned with in the insurance industry. 

Get the Best Motor Insurance With These Tips

Listed below are pointers that’ll guide you to make the best motor insurance decision.

Evaluate What You Need:

The kind of coverage you get will be according to what you need. Should you choose either TPI (Third-Parties  Insurances)? Or ODI (Own Damages Insurance)? TPI has extensive coverage. As stated by the law, third-parties policies are compulsory for every automobile. There’s an option of choosing ODI and TPI. This will ensure your vehicle is insured with the victim’s car in case something happens.

If your automobile has been acquired for a long time, or you don’t drive it often, choose only TPI. This is a good decision to lessen your financial burden because the cost is less than getting both TPI and ODI. If the losses aren’t extensive, you can pay with your own money instead of paying with an all-inclusive plan. However, if the car you use is newly acquired or you drive it constantly, the best option is to select Own Damage Cover which is an all-inclusive plan. It safeguards you against manmade or natural incidents.

Think or Ask About the Essential Things You Should Include in Your Insurance Plan:

In care you pick ODI, then there are extra additions you can put on your cover. Firms like Yes Insurance offer extra plans in addition to the extensive policies. These additional features require higher insurance fees from the clients. Meaning that a person who wants to ensure his vehicle and wants extra add-ons will pay more money. The money you will pay will be determined by the firm’s terms and conditions. Ask your insurance company if they provide these additional services.

The extra features in comprehensive motor insurance covers are:

No Depreciation Coverage (NDC) Features: 

Every property comes with a lifespan. The usefulness of a property depreciates as it ages. Such is that of vehicles, which depreciate over a period. Vehicle depreciation costs are not encompassed by insurance policies. They’re removed to calculate claimed amounts during settlement. 

However, putting NDC on your plans gives you the advantage of obtaining a bigger settlement. This NDC benefit encompasses old automobiles that are older than four years but lesser than none years.

Original Invoice Cover Features: 

When a vehicle is acquired, right from the showroom, it starts depreciating. However, in case of vehicle loss, the insurance owner is qualified to obtain compensation at the market price. The vehicle’s market value will be calculated at a lower price compared to when it was first purchased. Therefore, it’s necessary to include such coverages in the policies chosen to get real vehicle coverage.

Roadside Help Coverage Features: 

Vehicles break down along the road unexpectedly which requires urgent help. 

Roadside aid cover is effective in this aspect.

This coverage, when added to one’s policies, ensures assistance is nearby or a phone call away. Insurers organize mechanics to assist at that point of breakdown.

Protecting the Engine Coverage Features: 

Engines are what make vehicles function. They undergo different defects when the vehicle is constantly used. Sadly, 

such defects aren’t insured. These extra features ensure your automobile against issues like breakdowns, oil spillage.

Choose IDV (Insured Declared Value):

IDVs are the total insurance cost of all the vehicles you’ve insured. These are the full payment supposed to be given in case of complete loss of automobiles. IDV is not the market rate of automobiles like most people believed. Such IDVs are selected based on necessities

No-Claim Reward Coverage Features:

When you don’t have claims throughout your operational year, you are awarded for not claiming. They are referred to as CB (claim bonuses). These add-ons protection are reductions in your premium when you continue with your insurance. That is, without claiming in an operational year. But when you claim, even small, the bonuses lapse then you’ll pay a complete premium.


The advantages of insuring your vehicles cannot be over-emphasized.

You need to analyze your needs. Select insurance plans that suit your necessities, and safeguard you and your vehicles.

Emma Rita Kimonides

Emma Rita Kimonides is a Founder & Director of Yes Insurance and Yes Finance Group.