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wall and floor tiles
By BIREN AGRAWALLA 3,886 views

Choosing the Right Walls and Floors Tiles for Your Bathroom

Walls and floors tiles can function admirably in any place in the home, yet the bathroom remains the one place where relatively every home in the India has, at any rate, a few tiles present. Retiling or installing extra tiles in the bathroom is an awesome method to accomplish the water safe, sterile surface for the wall and floor, yet which kind of tiles are appropriate for your project?

The modern bathroom is about significantly more than standard little white tiles, and contemporary colours and tiles materials can give your little room an interesting identity and complete the greater part of its own. Here are a few angles to consider while picking tiles for your next bathroom tiling venture:

  1. Are tiles waterproof?

The short response to this is, no. Tiles are surely water safe yet are not totally waterproof, if you intend to place them in the shower or on the floor, you’ll have to waterproof the area first to guarantee the surfaces behind the tiles don’t wind up harmed by water.

  1. What size do you require?

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and in a smaller bathroom you can accomplish some astonishing looks by going for larger than average tiles that limit the grout lines and cuts vital. Small tiles can function admirably in a bathroom, yet in a little the huge number of grout lines can influence the space to look smaller, so many people go for no less than a medium measured tile (400mm x 200mm).

When choosing the size of tile, you’ll need to consider the spacing between your bathroom fitments. If your sink, bath or toilet have very small gaps between them, using larger tiles may be out of the question due to the amount of cutting required to get them to fit.

  1. What material do you need?

All tile materials are reasonable for bathroom regions, so you can take your pick from what you like the best. Porcelain is a prevalent decision as it is hard, thick and can be coated to give a very intelligent and wipe clean surface. In any case, for a unique look you could likewise consider the extensive variety of ceramic tile and natural stone tiles accessible, which are all protected to use in any washroom condition.

Making your bathroom special

wall and floor tiles
Wall and Floor Tiles

In a contemporary bathroom, there is no restriction to the innovative understanding you can convey to the stylistic layout. To influence a little bathroom to seem bigger, stick to light and splendid colours for your scheme, yet incorporate element walls or mosaics inside the tile example to include interest and style. Mosaic tiles don’t need be diligent work, the same number of styles are accessible prepared sliced and appended to a net to make it simple to make an extraordinary look in minutes.

Consider likewise normal stone floor and wall tiles for the bathroom, as this can make some phenomenal impacts in even the littlest of spaces. Marble, rock and travertine tiles have mind blowing characteristic tones that become animated when the tiles get wet, so consider these for zones around the shower and on the floor of a wet room.

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Biren Agrawalla

Biren, an Information Technology engineer, graduated from Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,Odisha. He has 4 years of work experience in Qlikview at Indian IT services giant Tata Consultancy Services. With big ambitions since his childhood, he has a right attitude and aptitude of making his mark. He is the CEO of Mytyles.