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whittier dentist
By DEX ROCKFORD 795 views

Guide to Choosing a Whittier Dental Office

In the bustling area of Whittier, California, it’s not that hard to find a dentist office. What’s important though is that you find a dentist office that will do everything to keep your teeth happy and healthy, along with you as a patient, and not just be a run of the mill office that is in it for their own pocket gains. In this guide, we’ll help you choose a good Whittier dentist, and tell you what to look for.

Years of Operation

When you’re choosing your dental office, you want to know how long the primary dentist has been working. You also want to know that they have the experience for whatever you choose to have done work-wise to your mouth since it’s a sensitive and precious area. If it appears that your dentist wasn’t at an office for that long, but they’ve been practicing a long time, don’t be afraid to get ahold of the previous office they worked at so you know they did a good job.

Check Reviews

Of course, some reviews are weighted when it comes to the online world, but with a little digging, don’t hesitate to see the negative reviews. When you’re looking at negative reviews though, don’t just assume that the office is no good. Many of the best offices will actually reply and respond to a patient’s experience that left a bad review and try to resolve the issue. That means that they care about their patient’s needs and want to make sure they are doing their job right so the customer can be satisfied.

Make Sure the Dentist is Understanding and Listens

There are many offices out there where the dentist may think they know everything, and they’ll let that be known. Some veteran dentists (no, not military – just those in operation for a long time) have no problem saying “you’re fine”, and this often leads to unsatisfactory service and a nice dental bill to follow. You want a dentist to listen to your needs and your feelings, as well as one who you can reach in case of an emergency.

How Many Types of Procedures Can They Perform?

Sometimes it’s best that your dentist can actually perform serious dental surgeries themselves if necessary. This is crucial because there are times that emergencies can’t wait for you to be referred and have to wait a long period of time before going to an orthodontic surgeon.


Sky Dental is one of the few practices in the area that actually provides not only some of the best care possible but also emergency dental services. When you’re looking for a dentist in Whittier, CA that cares about their patients, you want to make sure that they have a reputable dentist, which is something that Sky Dental does have with Dr. Tigran Shahmanyan. Since you want a dentist that has more experience but still manages to not just think they’re a know-it-all, you can guarantee that you get that when it comes to Sky Dental, serving the entire Montebello and Whittier.

Dex Rockford

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