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Chronic Neck Pain
By AMELIA GRANT 1,219 views

5 Ways to Eliminate chronic neck pain you Should Know

Neck pain is not a rare condition. Almost every one of us at least once had an unpleasant feeling in the neck. There are many causes of neck pain like improper posture, sedentary lifestyle, neck injuries, etc. The pain may be considered chronic when it persists for six months or more. In this article, we gathered five ways to eliminate chronic neck pain you should know.

1. Maintain your posture

Poor posture is considered one of the most common causes of chronic neck pain. Most people neglect proper posture and this can lead to many problems with the spine. When you sit or stand incorrectly, you can pinch muscles and nerves in your back and neck. First and foremost you should understand that it is not enough to sit straight for a few minutes a day (when you think about it) to improve your condition. Make an appointment with your doctor to get recommendations for correcting your posture. He or she will choose the most suitable exercises to strengthen your back that will improve your posture and ease your neck pain as well. 

2. Stress and anxiety reduction

Stress can also be a cause of neck pain but you can minimize its effect in many ways. The most reliable one is to visit a psychologist or psychotherapist to prompt further actions. It could be beneficial to spend a lot of time outside. You can also listen to your favorite music, meditate, and relax. Moreover, it is important to communicate only with nice people in order to avoid stressful situations.

Yoga is one more effective option that can reduce stress and anxiety. It helps relieve tension, ease muscle pain and reduce stress. Some studies show that 10 minutes of yoga can significantly improve your overall health and your ability to cope with stress.

3. OTC pain medication

Despite the fact that over the counter pain medication can’t be considered as full chronic neck pain treatment, you can use it when the pain becomes unbearable. Moreover, some painkillers have anti-inflammatory properties that could be beneficial if your pain was caused by inflammation. Painkillers can also be the basis of treatment while other groups of medicines are usually prescribed to enhance pain relief end eliminate swelling. It is also important to remember that you shouldn’t take more painkillers than it is recommended because you can develop tolerance to pain medication. This means that the regular dosage of painkillers will not be able to eliminate your painful sensations.

4. Pain management

It is quite difficult to strengthen the neck muscles. That’s why physiotherapists recommend paying attention to the mobility of the chest and shoulders. It is also important to choose options that will help get rid of painful sensations. Pain management means the coordinated work of specialists in different fields such as PT specialists, neurologists, psychologists, etc. The main task of pain management is to eliminate or at least significantly reduce pain. 

However, it is important to maintain the neck condition after treatment and pain relief. If you have a poor posture, don’t take breaks during work, and don’t exercise at least a few minutes a day, your chronic neck pain can reoccur with the same severity.

5. Massage and acupuncture

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, it is better to consult your doctor before the massage. You can visit a specialist or massage your neck by yourself. You can also use certain essential oils or medical alcohol to enhance relief. Lavender, tea tree or citronella essential oils have healing and analgesic properties. Medical alcohol first cools and then warms the affected area, providing the same effect as some balms.

Acupuncture can also relieve your neck pain. There is a lot of studies that prove the effectiveness of this procedure. Both acupuncture and massage create tension in the neck muscles that leads to their strengthening.

Amelia Grant

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