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House Cleaning Mistakes
By RENIE SHONE 415 views

10 Common House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

When it is time to clean your home, it is easy to just go with the flow using a standard house cleaning routine without thinking much about it. Even though, at some point, it just becomes second nature, plenty of cleaning habits will do more harm than good. Some of them can cause damage to the household surfaces, while others can impact the indoor air quality. Furthermore, leaving behind dust, bacteria, and grime will only create more cleaning work for you in the future.

Even though regular cleaning is the most important thing, doing so using the right method and strategy is equally important. So, when you are tackling the cleaning tasks, it might be better to pause for a while and assess if your cleaning strategies can be improved. The first thing to identify is the mistakes you are making. Here are the 10 common house cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Clean Before Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are completely different things, and the difference between the two can make or break the way you maintain your surfaces. Even though cleaning can eliminate germs from a particular surface, disinfecting simply kills the germs. If there is dust or dirt on the surface, the effectiveness of a disinfectant will be reduced. This is why you should remove dust and debris from the surfaces before using the disinfectant.

Making Use of Dirty Cleaning Tools

Your cleaning routine will be as effective as the tools and supplies you use. So, before you start cleaning, guarantee that all your cleaning tools are clean. This way, you won’t spread dirt, bacteria, and dust everywhere. It is best to wash tools like scrub brushes and cleaning cloths. When it comes to items that might contain germs, it is best to sanitize them. An example of a germy item is a toilet brush. Once your vacuum is full, empty it. Wash or replace the filter to ensure perfect performance.

Immediately Wiping the Surfaces

To get the best results, you should refrain from quickly spraying, wiping, and walking away. This is because the disinfectants need time to do their work, which makes having patience key. Most of the time, the surface needs to be wet for a while so that the product can remove the germs.

Rubbing the Stains

It is a must to deal with spills instantly so that they do not settle in. However, if the first thing you do is rub, you will worsen the issue. Rubbing a stain will likely spread the stain, drive it deeper into the material, and, in some cases, cause damage to the upholstery fibers. This is why it is always best to use a clean white cloth to blot the stains and get the residue out before using an adequate stain removal method. In case you are nearing the end of your tenancy, clean in professional ways. who do budget vacate cleaning will be better.

Cleaning the Floors First

Many individuals have the habit of cleaning the floors first before cleaning the higher surfaces. However, you should only clean them once you have taken care of all the other surfaces and items. It is best to start from the higher surfaces and work your way down. Doing the opposite will make the dust fall on your floors, undoing all the work you did.

Not Maintaining Proper Ventilation

In case you have to use cleaning products that contain ingredients like bleach and ammonia, it is important to maintain proper ventilation. This is because such ingredients have the ability to negatively impact your airways. It is best to open the windows or turn on your air purifier to improve the indoor air quality.

Utilizing the Same Cloth On Every Surface

It is common to assume that using the same cloth to clean everything is an efficient option, but you should remember that it can move germs from one spot to the other. Just think how unpleasant it would be if the bacteria from your bathroom made its way to your kitchen. So, it is best to use different clothes in different rooms.

Directly Spraying the Furniture Polish

It is not recommended to spray the furniture polish directly on the furniture since that can cause discoloration. Rather, you should spray it directly onto a clean cloth, particularly if the furniture is unsealed. This way, you will apply the product evenly on the surface.

Forgetting About High-Touch Areas

Many studies indicate that high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and TV remotes contain a lot of germs. However, they are repeatedly forgotten about when homeowners are cleaning their homes. Use an antibacterial product to wipe all these surfaces.

Combining Cleaning Products

When using cleaning agents such as vinegar, baking soda, etc., it is best to stick to just one rather than mixing. Most of them won’t work together as they will create a toxic and dangerous chemical reaction. So, refrain from mixing cleaning products that do not go well together.

Wrapping Up

Regular house cleaning is essential if you want to maintain a healthy and hygienic living space. However, it is equally important to do so correctly. Avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article to clean your home effectively.

Renie Shone

I'm Renie Shone, an Australian DIY expert hailing from Perth. I'm here to expand on my thoughts by offering eco-friendly and lifestyle tips that will make your surroundings hygienic and minimalist.

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