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Coastside Roofing | Best Roofing Materials For Extremely Hot Climates

Your choice of the roof is attached to various conditions, you won’t want to choose a roof that doesn’t go with the way the building is structured, and you won’t also want to go with a roof whose warranty is too short except you have the intention of changing it on time. In addition to all these conditions, the weather condition of the area where the building is situated is also paramount for consideration. The weather condition of a particular place should be considered before choosing a roofing type.

Each weather condition has its type of roofing, if the wrong roofing material is used for hot areas, the expenses of cooling devices that make the house cool will be high. For example, some parts of Australia can be extremely hot and if the wrong roofing material is used, it will be costly to keep that type of home cool. And global warming in this age that we are in has made weather conditions so harsh. Coastside Roofing company advises that you have to be extremely cautious when purchasing your roofing materials.

There are other cooling methods such as roofing, ventilation and shade that can be used during summer to help keep your home cool. The good thing about this process is that you can maintain coolness without the need of installing air conditioning or any mechanical cooling devices. Listed below are some means through which you can keep your home cool. 

List of roofing materials

Slate roof

This type of roof makes a beautiful house and has a long life span. This type of material is conducive to extremely hot weather as the heat absorbed by these materials does not penetrate the tiles thereby reducing absorbed heat. when this type of roofing material is used, it helps reduce the cost of electricity bills. 

This material is a very good one but its limitation is that it is extremely costly. Also, if this material wants to be used on a building, ensure that the weight of the roof is not more than the building because it is a heavy material.

Terracotta roof

As you know that Australia can be sometimes extremely hot to the extent of catching fire in some places, so this type of roofing material is best for places like that. Terracotta has proven to last long in places prone to fire, therefore it will be a good option for you. 

Terracotta does not get consumed in fire, so they are best for places like this. The only downside of this is that it can easily break, so extra care has to be put in place to avoid hard objects falling on it.

Sustainable roof

This roof is eco-friendly as it involves filling a membrane with plants coupled with soil. I know you will be wondering how this is advisable to use as it looks like it might start leaking when it rains. Well, the answer to your query is No, it doesn’t leak, it is water-proof.

The plant itself gives enough oxygen for you to inhale and also it maintains coolness in the environment. It also looks beautiful to the eyes as nature itself is beautiful.

A concrete roof that is not deep-colored

This roofing type has been for ages and has been continually used to keep the home clean. Concrete is a heavy material, therefore heat cannot easily penetrate it before the heat can successfully penetrate the concrete, it takes a longer time. 

Also, it is advisable to use colors that are not deep but very light, because darker shades of colors do not reflect sunlight, rather they absorb it. But lighter shade reflects sunlight, hence reducing heat.

Overlay roofing

Almost everything on earth has experienced technology one way or the other. Thanks to technology, industries that deal with roofing materials are not left out. Coatings on roofs were introduced when technology stepped in and its purpose in roofs is that helps to reflect heat from getting into your home resulting in cooler homes. Other technology ideas are ceramic paints, wastes that are recycled and treated, foam sprays, etc.

Asphalt shingles

This roofing material is an economical type of roof because when a part gets condemned, that particular area can be changed, you don’t need to change the whole roof. You don’t need to go through stress during installation because they can be installed easily, repaired and replaced. Also, it has a wide range of colours, so you can get one that best fits your needs.

Wood shingles

When you want to go for a traditional look or type of house that gives rustic themes and uses paint that looks like natural wood colour, you can go for wood shingles. They also do not look traditional, they also give a cooling effect to the house. It gives an aesthetic look but its limitation is that it is not advisable to use in an environment that experiences rain all the time.

In conclusion

Selecting a roofing material for your home depends on lots of factors and the weather condition of the place is one of them and also very paramount. As you all know that roofing materials also come with its limitation, and you should also consider that. Coastside roofing advises you to know more about the roofing material well before using, that is why you should employ companies that are well vast in this like Coastside roofing, an experienced reliable roofing service.

Keith Corey Bugslag

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