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Rehabilitation centers
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What to Expect in a Colorado Addiction Rehab Facility?

Rehab is a long-term process and can be difficult for those who are in the midst of their addiction recovery. Many resources are available to help you get through your treatment. Still, it is essential to have realistic expectations of what you will find when entering an addiction rehabilitation facility in Colorado.

The rehabilitation process is specially created for people who want to manage their disorders. The effects are long-term, and the individuals are under the supervision of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Some of these recovery centers like the Mountain Springs Recovery Addiction Rehab will get patients closer to nature. The place is serene, and it is highly unlikely to trigger any relapse, unlike the city’s bustling and busy setting.

What to Expect?

One of the things that people often wonder about when entering rehabilitation is what they can expect. There are endless possibilities, and it is crucial to be prepared by doing a lot of research and asking questions. Many treatment centers provide classes and workshops that teach people how to manage their emotional condition while recovering. Some centers even offer a range of social events that help people connect with others in the same situation who can support them on their journey.

The programs generally last up to 90 days, depending on the severity of the case. Others may be placed on outpatient treatments where they can still spend time with their family, go to work, and sleep in their homes. Some clients may first begin their month of inpatient treatments, and they will gradually transition to the outpatient programs in the final phases.

Generally, the schedules may vary, but group sessions and individual therapies may be present. The days are structured and filled with activities to avoid downtime and boredom where the clients might get tempted to drink alcohol or take drugs. 

By learning a new schedule and an alternative way to start their morning, the activities can distract cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms that many people may begin to feel. Clients need to remove their old tendencies from their systems, which can be done through distraction. However, personal time is also available between activities and meals.

Breakfasts may occur at around 8 in the morning at a set time every single day. The dining room is a communal setting to help the residents get to know each other. Therapies will follow, and sessions may last up to 90 minutes, depending on the severity of the case.

The physicians may utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a thriving part of the program. This leads the clients to identify problematic behaviors and change their thought patterns for a specific substance. They may know how to react when the triggers are present, and they devise strategies that will get rid of the drugs from their systems. Retainable and long-term skills can also help them cope with depression, significant losses, and other issues that may affect them later in life.

The afternoon programs may follow lunch. Group therapists may gather patients who have the same problems as the other. There is an opportunity for people to support each other and learn from others’ experiences and misfortunes. Others may include art, music, adventure, hiking, or even equine-assisted therapies, so clients are free to roam around and express themselves. This will give them rediscover their hobbies, passion, and self-confidence, which will help them better understand their personalities.

Difficult Decisions to Be Made

It is not easy to enter a Colorado drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation facility. Most people know they need help because addiction is ruining their lives, careers, and relationships, but they may be afraid of getting judged or treated as outcasts. 

Entering rehab can be scary because you leave behind all the friends that enable your addiction. You may feel like you need to leave everything you know behind and start over, and sometimes this is generally the case. However, it is important to maintain some sense of normalcy for the process to be more successful. Take some time with loved ones before entering rehab so that they will support you while you are inside. It might be challenging to make at first, but it will definitely be worth it.

Varying Treatments for Outpatients

Outpatient programs may also provide intensive care, but this will be a shortened amount of time. Some clients may show up at around 9 am to begin therapy sessions. Other complementary programs like group sessions in the afternoon may follow, and they may return to their homes at night. 

This does not require any hospitalization, but medications may still be an essential part of the process. Some may spend about three to five days per week getting therapy, while it can be shorter for others. Most healthcare professionals are dedicated to addressing the triggers and temptations their patients might face when they return home. This is where a robust support system is needed, and the home environment should be free of substance abuse.

About the 12-Step Meeting or Therapy Session

Sessions like the 12-step meetings are one of the most common forms of addiction therapy globally. These meetings will typically be offered by clinical counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists who help facilitate group interviews and treatments. See more about the programs at this link.

This program is beneficial, and there’s unity in these kinds of gatherings. Since there’s anonymity, others may choose the 12-step program to help them get out of addiction, and this might be available with rehab centers in your area.

Rehabilitation centers are not a place you would find yourself by choice. It is often recommended for people who have a drug or alcohol addiction, but they prove to be immensely helpful. The process of entering the center is like going into a new environment, but it is worth it. It is essential to know what to expect when you enter because it will help you feel more prepared.

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