One of the most maddening instances is when you are working on an important presentation you have to submit the next day and your laptop shuts down all of the sudden. Or, you are writing an urgent email and your screen goes haywire. All these issues are pretty common with everyone who uses a laptop and you are not the only one. However, it is important to fix these small issues before they take a wild turn. If you face various laptop abnormalities in your daily life, this one can be worth a read. Read on to know the most common laptop issues and their possible fixes. 

  • Sluggish System

One of the primary and most common laptop issues include slow performance or lagging response. Well, there is a bouquet of reasons behind this but the chief problem behind this Laptop Issue is overloaded C drive. This drive is the soul of your processes and task manager. It stores the temporary program files as well as acts as a central memory drive. You need to clean your C drive from cache files regularly. Many tools delete unwanted files and cache memory from your laptop but you can do well with the inbuilt disc cleanup tool as well.  All you have to do here is to open the disc cleanup window and select the drive you want to clean up. The tool will manage the rest and your laptop will run smoothly. 

  • Erratic Shutdowns

The reason why you feel you will need a guy from laptop repairs in Christchurch is the constant and erratic shutdowns. In this, the laptop shuts down without any particular reason like battery drainage or a power-off command. The issue here may be of the overheating which is caused by the failure of cooling fans installed in the motherboard circuit. To make sure the fans run perfectly, you need to clean the dust jammed in the fan frames due to negligence in cleaning. Moreover, if the fans are permanently failed, you can use external cooling fans. Also, for cleaning the dust on the cooling fans, you can use a blower.

  • Battery Won’t Charge

Lastly, there are many complaints about the battery not charging even if connected with the charger. Well, this one is a technical fault and very few tricks can fix this at home. The main reason behind an unhealthy battery is either excessive use or too much charging. You must disconnect the laptop from the power source once it is charged. Keeping the laptop connected to the charger always leads to battery problems. In this case, all you can do is either remove the laptop battery, clean it, and try to charge it again or you can contact a nearby laptop repairing service to mend your system.

Laptop repair is essential, make sure you don’t be late.

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