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communicating with potential attendees

How to Communicate with Potential Attendees before the Event

So, you’ve set up your event – it’s all prepared, booked, and ready, Now the question becomes; how do you get people engaged and interested before your event has even begun?

Regardless of if your objective is to motivate, meet, or network – you still need to communicate before your event to make sure that you can market it, and convince everybody to attend. If you need some creative ideas on how to do this, here are a few tips.

Start an event website

You need to create an event website or a landing page for your event. This should not only show details about the event but should act as a piece of marketing.

You should make sure that you:

  • The main highlights of the event, including the unique selling points. Some event creators use videos on their landing page.
  • Make it brief and simple
  • Give clear information, and re-cap the benefits for each type of attendee
  • Create references or testimonials from speakers, local attendees or sponsors
  • Include professional-looking graphics and pictures. Faces add a bit more credibility to an event.
  • List all the sessions, workshops and different steams that your event offers.


Emails are a great way to invite people to your event, as well as create interest.

Build up your mailing list through blogs, giveaways, and e-books. Once you have multiple contacts on your mailing list, you can send out a really fantastic invitation.

The key to event invitations is to make it feel extremely exclusive.

Top tips are:

  • Make sure that you send it from your own personal email address.
  • Make sure that the subject line is interesting and engaging. Keep it short and simple, but persuasive. You want to ensure that your contacts will open the email
  • Add graphics to the email
  • Add a call to action at the end
  • Keep the design of the email on brand – matching your website, landing page or event
  • Send a reminder email address

Create a great strategy

A good way to ensure success is by planning it. You should generate a communication strategy, this will ensure that you create a good pace leading up to your event.

We recommend the following campaigns, leading up to your event:

  • Emailing
  • Social media
  • Save the date

Offline communication – either word of mouth, leaflets, or posting it on notice boards

Think mobile

The majority of internet users are also mobile users. You should design all your communication efforts with this in mind. Make sure that your website, emails, and posts are all optimized for mobile.

Social media

Social media is a powerful tool – don’t forget to use it. Promote, advertise, and share your event on your social media profiles. If your event is part of a larger organization, you could make profiles specifically for that – this will help with branding and spreading the message.

Don’t forget about post-event campaigns

To keep people interested, you have to carry on communicating way after the event ends.

Make sure to send an email after your event, just thanking them for attending, share the highlights, and photos. It’s a great chance to redirect people towards your new content, organization, or any other events. Especially while the thought is still fresh in their mind. A weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to stay relevant and bring attention to upcoming events.


Marketing your event is so important, and the best way to do this is by communicating with potential attendees. Following the above tips will ensure that your event appeals and attracts more attendees.

Estelle Liotard

Estelle Liotard is a senior writer at Grab My Essay, WoWGrade and IsAccurate.