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company registration in dubai
By STEVESMITH 1,607 views

How to get Company Registration in Dubai at a Low Cost?

Startup in Dubai can get you amazing benefits and if you can survive the market with the best business strategy then it is a win-win situation for you. The only tricky scenario which numerous entrepreneurs face is how to get your company registration in Dubai at a low cost. This question worries these starters which results in poor decisions and their business normally bankrupts for not meeting the requirements made by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). Some basic guidelines can assist you with company registration in Dubai at cheap prices.

Business Type:

There are two major types:
• Professional Business
• Commercial Business

If you want to start any one of these business categories, then the UAE government demands some major fees and documents to finalize your registration process.

Registration Requirements:

Company registration in Dubai required your bank accounts receipts, office space documents issued with governmental stamps, sponsors fees, license fees, immigration/UAE ID card, your company partner’s medical cards, and the company’s name registry fee.

Selecting your Business Name:

If you are an entrepreneur, then choosing a business name is a complex criterion because having a unique name and not experiencing any copyright issue is impossible. If you are not familiar with the UAE system, then it may create hurdles for your company registration in the Dubai process.

Your business name should not be offensive or includes blasphemous language. Dubai DED can take strict actions against any company that violates the rules. This can cause the termination of your VISA application and your brand new company. Search some experts’ business consultants who can provide you exclusive business names at low prices which suit your company’s vision and mission.

Office Space:

Commercial and professional business in Dubai requires an office to clear your dues and registry. The virtual office concept is not acceptable in the Dubai market, so you should search that one specific place that is not expensive and suitable for the startup. You can run your business in a free zone or mainland, there are some facts to be noticed before making your decision about your company registration in UAE at a low cost.

Dubai Mainland:

Dubai mainland is controlled by DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development), they offer a special system to be followed that includes full ownership of your business. DED gives you the freedom to do business in this land with no restrictions and you can expand your business worldwide. On the mainland, your company requires a local sponsor who controls and protects your company. These governmental organizations ask for some legal permits and documents to enroll your company into the economic department.
The mainland gives another advantage that is you can get just one VISA and start your business in any part of Dubai.
Establishing the company in the Mainland can be covered in approximately 26000 AED. This registration process is slightly cheap and cost-effective as compared to settling a business in Dubai Free Zone. In Free Zone, you have full ownership of your business but setting the business including completing the paperwork is extremely expensive and eventually results in bankruptcy.

Trade License:

In Dubai, trade licenses are easy to get but it depends on the nature of your business. Acquiring a license for your business at a low cost is possible if you follow the instructions. Trade license is a main portion of company registration in Dubai at an affordable price, and it can only be cheap if you are planning to do a professional business.
For Professional Business, all you need to get:
• Photocopies of land certificate for office space which will be given to you by DED.
• Photocopy of documents that you exchanged with your business partners.
• Photocopies of passports of all the legal members with whom business practices have occurred.
• Documents related to selecting your company’s name and business type.
These papers are compulsory for completing another step of registering your brand in a minimum amount.

VISA Application:

If you can get your hands on UAE VISA, then it will clear your way for more business opportunities in Dubai. The low-priced way for applying Dubai VISA is to consult business experts who are helping entrepreneurs and providing them VISA cards at a low cost.
To register your team and company in Dubai, a VISA card is important to continue business activities. If you expand your office employees and wanting to bring your family to Dubai, then it may give you benefit for permanently settling in the city of UAE. The amount of VISA depends on the number of people for which you applied, so at the start, if you want to save the money it is recommended to only apply for yourself and your partners.

Opening Bank Account:

The final phase to get your company registered at a low price is opening bank accounts in Dubai. Nowadays with online feasibility opening a bank account for your business transactions is very easy but if you are an immigrant then some slight disputes must be solved to avoid any extra cost for opening the bank account.
In Dubai, the language barrier is not extinct yet but if you can hire some good translators that can help you to make deals with local businessmen and complete your documents in minimum duration is a bonus for you. It will save you some money and smooth company registration in the UAE process will be fulfilled.

KWS-Middle East Helps Registration At Low Cost:

KWS-ME the best business consultant team in Dubai serving numerous business companies and entrepreneurs who are searching for the right partners who can register their business at a low price. KWS-ME, a team of professionals who can assist you with company registration in Dubai within a couple of days and completes your documentation procedure free of cost.
KWS-ME handles opening bank accounts, VISA applications, government licenses, and providing office space in mainlands at affordable prices are their strengths. They also offer translation services with legal documents transfer to the company’s owner in remarkable packages which you can utilize while working on registering your company in Dubai. Feel free to visit the kwsme.com site and avail of great services to fulfill your demands.


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