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By MARINA THOMAS 2,512 views

7 Things to Compare Between Two Hosting Sites: Site Ground Vs Bluehost

There are many things to compare and differentiate between the popular hosting sites SiteGround and Bluehost. Both of the companies offer the best from their side. But yet, there are some which differentiate the companies from each other. Reviewing two best sites is not an easy task, yet it is done below for your knowledge and understanding. There are many comparisons and variations between both the companies and both the companies are just best in the market. If you want to know why they are both different from each other and which is the best to use and host your own website.

Things to Compare Between SiteGround Vs Bluehost

  1. User-friendly

Beginner friendly web hosting sites are just like a tonic to the new users of the sites. Both the hosting sites Bluehost and siteground offers beginner-friendly options such as money back guarantee, refund options etc. The siteground applies for shared web hosting money back guarantee for the users that Bluehost doesn’t do. It doesn’t apply for the third party sites for the money back guarantee. Bluehost offers 30 days return but if you cancel after 30 days then you won’t get the full amount.

  1. Domain name and website migration

Both the web hosting sites siteground and Bluehost offers domain name registration and website cancellation. You can choose your domain name as per your business. Siteground offers a lifetime free domain name if you cancel the hosting services or not. The domain name is yours. Whereas Bluehost cancels the domain name, once you cancel their services. But you can still choose one when you go back to Bluehost. The website migration is enabled with both the web hosting sites. Siteground offers free professional migration services. But Bluehost offers free but manually migration or paid one by own services.

  1. Website tools

SiteGround and Bluehost both the website hosting tools offer the same range of website building tools for the customers. But certainly, there is some difference in the schemes they offer. SG works very well with many websites such as WordPress, and Weebly. But Bluehost works as the inbuilt website building tool offered for the customers. Yes, even Bluehost works with WordPress, Weebly, and other such top marketplaces.

  1. Speed and Uptime


As both the web hosting sites is the top-notch web hosting companies that offer the best in order to serve the customers. But their speed and uptime do matter when it comes to the performance review of the site. The solid state drives of the siteground web hosting are just too good as compared to the Bluehost. Of course, even Bluehost is the best hosting company. It also offers the SSD storage but not as much as compared to the Siteground. The siteground has already more than 5 data centres of their company all around their world. Bluehost haven’t disclosed the data centres of the company yet.

  1. Security

Security and safety is the matter for every of the business whether it is small or large or any other multinational companies. When it comes to website security, both the web hosting companies will give their best to the customers. Siteground gives daily backups but Bluehost offers complimentary free backups for customers. It provides minimal usage of the resources and Bluehost takes a quiet space for the backup task in the website.

  1. Customer support

Siteground and Bluehost both are best in offering the best customer support to its customers. But sometimes, there arrives a comparison or differentiation in both the companies in on what matters are they different. Both the customer support companies offer the best to its customers. Of course, it is said that the customers are king of the market. So they provide an extreme set of service to the customers. Complaints may arise, but that could be rare with both the companies.

  1. Malware scans

Both the companies offers malware scans and security features for its customers. Siteground has its own malware security scanner feature and Bluehost also has its own malware security scanner. You don’t have to buy the malware scans. Yet, there are some other web hosting companies that want you to buy their malware scan system. Hence, you need to choose the best ones as per your convenience.


Both companies do their best in offering service to their customers. You have to choose the best and use it. Both the web hosting companies are the reputed ones in the industry. Choose the right one and enjoy!

Marina Thomas

Marina Thomas is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She helps clients in long term wealth plans. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business debt consolidation and start-ups.

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