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Car accidents have become a global epidemic as victims suffer from fatal injuries and disabilities. Most of these catastrophic outcomes have left some victims with disfigurements or scars. Even with the best medical attention, some of these scars remain visible, creating mental and physical pain to the affected individuals. When one gets scars in a visible place is becomes a center of attraction.

Though some individuals are not disturbed by scars or disfigurements, these cause a huge impact on other’s lives. This is obvious, especially to the women; a scar on the face may cause embarrassment for the rest of the life of that individual, leave alone any body parts inflexibility. The best part is that you can claim compensation if you or your loved one has suffered as a result of someone’s negligence. To claim for compensation, you don’t have to suffer from extensive ugly and conspicuous scars or disfigurement. You probably need some legal advice to learn how to go about your claim. This is because the degree to which an individual may be affected by a certain scar may differ from another.

Types of Injuries That Result To Disfigurement And Scars From Car Accidents

There are many instances where one can get disfigured or develop scars, and car accidents has proven to be one of the most common causes leading to such incidents. Though measures have been put to reduce these accidents, scars and disfigurements remain strategic outcomes for many Alaskans involved in car accidents. There are so many hurdles to those who have either been disfigured or developed scars due to another person’s fault. For instance, it becomes so hard for those who have suffered from scars or are disfigured to build up strong self- esteem or make friends. Therefore, one needs to seek compensation. What people don’t know is that once you submit your claim, there is no way for the claim to be undone. That’s why one is always encouraged to have a personal injury lawyer car accident who can guide on the right legal process of claiming compensation. An experienced lawyer can tell you whether your scar or disfigurement is worth a claim. There are so many car accident scenarios where one can obtain scars. Some include:

  • Accidental airbag deployment
  • Broken glass
  • Contact with steering wheel

Below are the types of injuries that may result from the above instances:

Facial injuries: These are the most common type of injuries that leave a victim disfigured or with scars. The face is the most exposed area to car materials during an accident. Injuries suffered may result in surgical interventions that sometimes leave the victim with disfigured appearances. This may cause emotional trauma especially to the women who may go through an identity crisis that may leave them traumatized. However, not only women but even men may have issues with extreme social anxiety.

Head injuries: The only effective option for head injuries is surgery. However, some of these surgeries may leave one with scars, while others may create bald patches, which can be quite noticeable. Sometimes, these scars may even lead to medical malpractice claims.

Soft tissue damage: While some soft tissue injuries heal with time, others may result in long-lasting effects due to the force of impact. The collision may lead to stretch or a tear that may leave one permanently disfigured or scarred.
Though some scars may be covered up with clothing, others cannot, especially facial scars. For disfigurement, the worst can be when one loses any part of the body, such as a limb being amputated or losing an eye. When someone’s fault causes such a kind of suffering, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Pursuing Compensation For Disfigurement Or Scarring

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining compensation is overwhelming. For one, this victim is trying to recover having to bear the low self- esteem creeping in. Again, the insurance company is working hard to look for ways to offer a lower settlement. That’s why one need to seek the right compensation for the psychological issues acquired from the scarring or disfigurement. For this to happen, you may consider looking for an experienced car accident lawyer who can offer the right advice and determine whether the claim is valid. No matter how disfigured you’re or the scarring you could have obtained, if you believe the car accident wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to the below compensation but not limited to:

  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity

Are You Suffering Scarring Or Disfigurement?

If you or your loved one have suffered from a scar or disfigurement because of someone‘s negligence, don’t rest until you hold that person responsible for your emotional distress. If a car accident victim is not given some tools to cope with the drastic change of his/her appearance, this may have a long term effect on one’s confidence or self -esteem. As such, one should make sure to get a good lawyer who can work tirelessly to ensure justice is obtained.

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