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corporate party
By MIYARA SISCA 1,582 views

7 Best Ways to Conclude a Corporate Party

Say you want to host a corporate event in Singapore. Note that hosting an awesome corporate party is similar to going out for a movie. Even if it starts off with a bang and everyone seemingly has a good time, the ending still has to be perfect in order for it to be considered it a hit. So make sure to conclude everything properly, it’s a corporate party after all.

Here are some of the things you can do when the final stages of a corporate event draw closer-

1. Don’t drag it into the ground: Back again to the example of a movie, it won’t be an appealing spectacle if the ending fight scene drags on for 55 minutes. The thesis holds true here as well.

The best corporate events are the ones that serve their purpose, get colleagues to come together and know each other better, offer everyone a good time and that’s all.

2. A parting gift suitable of corporate personnel: Parting gifts serve as memorabilia to your guests and remind them how awesome the event was. But for a corporate event, the number of choices decline on what you can also give, so do that smartly. Having said that, simple things like business card holders or a box of chocolates serve the purpose just fine.

3. End your corporate event with an award ceremony: Award Ceremonies are the essential ingredients of any office event. You get to show appreciation towards your office workers and doing so at the very end of the event gifts them a lasting memory.

It’s quite a natural thing that people remember the bits of an event’s kick-off and conclusion, so an award ceremony makes sure everyone rates the event highly.

4. A Slideshow: So after an award ceremony say you rightfully want to show appreciation towards the corporate people and the whole working staff, simply gather them all at one place, that is within a slideshow. This is perhaps one of the best ways to conclude any corporate event that makes sure every attendee feels like a part of the group, and leave with happy memories.

5. Dessert treat: A formal party event needs a dessert treat, trust me. And dessert is something you should always serve in the end. Never leave a sour taste in the mouths of the corporate personnel, rather have it something sweet.

This has all to do with how the human brain functions as well, and you don’t have to be a scientist to know a chocolate covered strawberry (personal pick) tastes like heaven and make the event a success.

6. Collective Photo Booth sessions: Just like how a photo session with all your mates is the most memorable part of your college farewell party, the same feeling of harmony and joy is generated within you and your colleagues following a photo booth session at the conclusion of a corporate party. No simpler way to put it, this is just a feel-good process.

7. Conclude with the corporate CEO or an influencer/ tycoon speak: I know, not the most eye-catching way to end for many. If you feel this is a recipe for boredom though, think that’s not really the case. Office personnel will want to listen to a business tycoon or an influencer because they want to have that feeling, the feeling of being in their shoes. These types of people have the power to engage the audience and offer invaluable tips to get everyone to leave motivated.

If still not convinced with the idea, have an awesome emcee close it out with the enthusiasm and charisma worthy of a successful corporate event.

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