concrete render finish

Everyone desires their house to be of visually appealing. A home renovation allows you to convert this dream into reality. The concrete render finish is undoubtedly the new age renovation option which makes every house look presentable and fancy. Renovation not only holds the capacity of changing the look of your house but also it considerably contributes to making your house durable and long-lasting.

You can certainly choose the concrete rendering methods that are readily available in the market in the present times. These specifically include the texture, acrylic, and white set to name a few. The concrete rendering also provides a new look to your house. So, let’s discuss more details about it.

What Is Concrete Rendering?

Cement rendering is a good way to enhance the durability of the walls. This is a mixture of sand and cement which is applied to the brick. There are various options of the same like textures, colour, painted once the application done.

Good Reasons For Choosing Concrete Render Finish For Your House Exteriors 

There are several reasons why you should choose concrete to render finish for your house exteriors. In order to maintain your house in a safe condition, you should necessarily apply this to the exteriors of your house. The major beneficial reasons for the same which are as follows:

  • Concrete rendering has the ability to give a completely new look to your house. This makes your house very stylish, trendy and appealing. We can apply concrete rendering on any material – concrete or bricks.
  • The exterior surface of the walls is always in exposure to the vagaries of nature. For example, direct exposure to heavy rainfall, sunlight, and snowfall. Concrete rendering can help in keeping the walls protected to a large extent from the weather harshness.
  • Concrete rendering is useful for insulating your house as well. Concrete rendering facilitates in keeping your building warmer from inside during the extremely chilly winter months and cools during the scorching summer months. This will help you in saving your energy bills as well to a certain extent.
  • During the months of heavy monsoons, the plaster from the walls has maximum chances of peeling off which makes the walls prone to dampness. Concrete rendering of the outer walls would surely protect your building from the unwanted dampness, and there are chances of the walls getting cracked.
  • Everyone tends to invest in those specific areas which provide the most potential and best returns. So, concrete rendering is one such potential investment that you can opt for, and the returns would certainly be astonishing.

Without any doubt, it is crucial for the residential or commercial buildings to undergo the concrete rendering and this necessarily needs to be done by the skilled labourers only. There are several companies which provide concrete rendering services, but you should choose only the ones which provide you with the best services at the most reasonable monetary value.

concrete render finish

The Proportion Of Concrete And Mortar Required For Perfect Concrete Render Finish

There are a few basic steps which one needs to follow in order to obtain a perfect finish. The mix necessarily needs to be correct in order to achieve the best results. Adding the required quantity of mortar and cement makes this mixture perfect. Here are the steps:

  • Concrete is well-known for its tremendous water retaining capacity. Thus, the proportion of concrete should be less and the proportion of water ought to be more. You should begin work early in the morning and avoid doing it in the afternoon.
  • You should use fresh water for preparing the mixture.
  • While applying concrete rendering to the garden walking pathways and footpaths, the proportion of cement ought to be more.


The concrete render finish has several proven benefits, and thus they are highly adopted by the house owners. Moreover, their application not only enhances the life of the wall but also makes it look appealing and enhances its durability.

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