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conferencing tools
By MD. ASLOOB ALAM 334 views

Best Conferencing Tools for Remote Teams in 2022

Nobody anticipated that the pandemic would affect the entire world, given how the world was changing and how well things were going. The whole world has altered because of it, including our working conditions. Before the pandemic, most companies didn’t bother to test their tools to see if they could withstand remote use. In addition, some companies pushed their remote employees to make do with subpar conferencing tools.

Companies were compelled to work remotely following the COVID outbreak, which was a blessing in disguise as it taught them how inadequate their tools were. As a result, most companies switched overnight to solitary solutions like Zoom or full-team collaboration tools like Troop Messenger to preserve their efficiency.

If you are still contemplating shortlisting the best conferencing tools for remote teams, the preceding suggested solutions may aid you in making a well-informed decision.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is one of the few tools during the pandemic that saw an upsurge of users switching from other platforms that couldn’t meet their needs. Users didn’t take too long to sign up because they found Troop Messenger was their preferred approach to team collaboration, and, as the cherry on top, it was reasonably priced.

During the pandemic, numerous factors led users to choose Troop Messenger. Some of them had latency issues, while others discovered a lack of security, remote access, screen sharing, and conference functionality. Their prior tools led them to choose this team chats app.

Troop Messenger is one of the few tools that compete with the widely used self-hosted chats and is a defense-validated tool, allowing you to evaluate how secure it is.

Contrary to other tools’ conference functions, Troop Messenger’s conference functionality is called Cattle Call. Almost all devices on the market today offer chatting, screen sharing, and other necessary features, but only tools like Troop Messenger go above and beyond to adhere to user needs. Take Code Snippet, which enables multiple programmers to work on code without ending the conference and undermining the justification for switching to another UI.

Microsoft Teams

Did you know that many academic institutions used Microsoft Team during the epidemic, primarily employing its conference feature to conduct classes?

Microsoft Teams’ free plan features are +/- what Zoom’s free plan gives in terms of conferences. For instance, although MS Teams enables 100 participants with a 60-minute time limit, Zoom only permits 100 members with a 40-minute time limit.

As per Microsoft Teams’ pricing, few paid plans integrate with Microsoft 360, making it easy to keep everything connected. It is a Microsoft-developed, exclusive business communication platform. Teams are being phased down in favor of other Microsoft-owned business communications and collaboration tools, including Skype for Business and Microsoft Classroom.


Dialpad is a platform for unified communications that links your teams via audio, video, messaging, and online meetings. It offers a full range of cutting-edge capabilities to help you organize your business communications and boost productivity.

It includes many cool features that frequent users of video conferences will like. Users can pre-pick additional options like your meeting background, your hold music, the arrangement of how your participants will be presented, and a custom meeting room URL in addition to their HD video and audio with built-in background noise reduction.

For groups of little more than ten people, Dialpad Meetings’ free edition is ideal. The 45-minute time limit on your video conference in the free edition makes it perfect for shorter meetings.


The web-based service GoToMeeting was developed and is promoted by LogMeIn. It is a set of the online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing tools that enable users to have live online sessions with other computer users, customers, clients, or coworkers.

GoToMeetings’ advanced security measures have prompted healthcare professionals who need to hold remote patient meetings to discuss sensitive matters with clients virtually, like video-based telehealth. Their Smart Meeting Assistant also serves as a specialized note-taker to record everything you discussed in writing.


Many teams utilize the web video conferencing tool Zoom to conduct meetings. One of the better alternatives to in-person conversations, it is also cost-free to use. Sessions can also be recorded and stored.

Although it provides a free subscription, there are certain limitations. With this free plan, you can host up to 100 guests and participate in as many one-on-one sessions as you’d like. The time allotted for each group or business meeting is 40 minutes.

Zoom is accessible across all popular platforms. Operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are all supported. Zoom can be reached by a conventional phone line or a web browser. Users have access to several plug-ins, extensions, and other third-party programs.

Given those as mentioned earlier, it is evident that Zoom experienced security issues. For instance, a few vandals disrupted business and legal meetings during the pandemic, forcing Zoom users to look for an alternative.


Conferencing tools have emerged as a crucial form of communication, particularly in the context of remote work. According to the World Health Organization, we may have to coexist with COVID for a few more years. As a result, remote teams may continue to work remotely, and some businesses have already made the decision to switch from an office work culture to one that emphasizes remote work after considering the benefits. It’s time for you to employ competent conferencing tools since, as a consequence, more than half of the world would be expected to operate remotely.

Md. Asloob Alam

Md. Asloob Alam is a B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Specialist at Troop Messenger, establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with prospective clients.