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heart surgery
By NIKKI CROSS 879 views

Know about Conditions Treated with Congenital Heart Surgery

Do you know that a severe heart condition can be a reason behind your child’s slow growth?

Yes, heart conditions known as congenital heart defects are one of the primary factors prolonging your child’s mental and physical growth. There are several such congenital heart defects that, when given proper monitoring and observation, can be cured. However, there exist several congenital heart defects which still need invasive open-heart surgery for improving the patient’s condition.

UNDERSTAND CHDs (Congenital Heart Defects)

A congenital heart defect is a medical term given to the condition of the human heart, which exhibits some alterations or defects by birth. The defects include defective walls of the heart chambers, valves malfunction, arteries or veins deficits, etc. Such conditions are diagnosed within the embryo itself, but treatment is possible by consulting heart surgeons in India after the child reaches six months of age.


The procedure includes several forms of surgeries such as cardiac catheterization, heart transplants, valves’ replacement, etc. CHDs can be treated easily by both invasive and laser-driven congenital heart surgeries. Some of the surgeries performed by best heart surgeons in India have led to healthy and functional children.

However, as mentioned earlier, extensive treatment is for some severe heart conditions only. When symptoms such as growth delay, mental illnesses, and other deficits are observed profusely, the doctors suggest immediate surgery for a child’s betterment.

Hence, we have listed four of such major CHDs which require treatment using congenital heart surgery methods:


  • The condition causes the malfunction of the pumping of blood inside the heart. Hence, the patient experiences shortness of breath accelerated heartbeats and heart attack in some cases.
  • In such cases, congenital heart surgery is suggested by most of the best heart surgeons in India. It involves the installation of an electromagnetic device called pacemaker, for making the child’s heartbeat healthy.


  • Arrhythmia is a heart-rhythm problem where the beating is either too fast or too slow from a regular scale.
  • Congenital heart surgery

helps by placing implantable devices used for controlling the rhythm of the heart.


  • PH or PHTM is a heart condition where our heart applies excessive pressure over the arteries carrying pure blood. This causes several lung-issues as well as heart diseases.
  • While some of the cases can be treated using oxygen therapy, the congenital heart surgery is the last resort in such cases for relieving chest-pressure.


  • Catheterization is a significant step to monitor the working of a heart having CHDs.
  • Using congenital heart surgery, a catheter is installed inside the heart chamber or any vessel inside it. The device then gives a detailed diagnosis of the heart, helping doctors improve the life quality of such patients.

Bottom Line

By early surgeries performed over infants between 6 months to 2 years of age, the cardiovascular surgeons have saved numerous lives. Children having CHDs have shown mental defects, slow growth, and other cognitive deficits but the surgery improves their prospects of leading a healthy life. One can say that the surgery works on both the physical as well as the social well-being of the patients. The success rates and statistics worldwide have proven that congenital heart surgery could be the demarcation between a normal and a special child. Congenital heart surgery significantly improves the quality of life of the patients.

Nikki Cross

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