The joys of owning your own home are unbeatable. The ‘own roof over your head’ adage might sound cliched but that drives the world to work harder, struggle and save more.  Once that roof is attained, most forget that like every other part of their house, the roof too needs maintenance and check-ups. It is not unless it becomes too late that people consider having their roofs checked. If you want to save up on money and get a good roof restoration then you need to know how to read the signs and then finding the right company.

When should you opt for roof restoration?

No matter which company you have hired when your home was being built, roof deterioration is an inevitable part of the roof. You cannot stop that, but you can identify the signs that indicate the deterioration and take necessary actions towards hiring a good roof restoration company. Not all signs are directly related to the roof itself.


Here are the 7 major signs of roof deterioration:

  • Age is the first thing that determines the need for restoration. The roof over 20 years should opt for a roof restoration service.
  • Black granules in your gutter are a clear indication that the shingles are wearing away and immediate action must be taken.
  • Talking about shingles, many times broke or missing shingles are not noticed. In order to check the same, you need to take a trip to your rooftop.
  • The alignment of the gutter has suddenly changed so you need to consider opting for roof restoration services.
  • The roof is starting to sag, all thanks to the shingles missing and wearing away, you need to take action immediately.
  • Water damage is another sign that will tell you the extent of your roof damage. Whether it is the appearance of water patches on the ceiling or near the top parts of the walls, a check on the roof is in due. In fact, you should immediately consider getting in touch with a good roof restoration company.
  • The last and the most prominent sign is light and water coming through your roof.

To avoid serious repercussions in the long run like the roof crashing down on you or spend excess in terms of replacing the whole roof, then a roof restoration service is a necessity.

How do roof restoration workers work?

Once you have hired a proper roof restoration company, the contractors and workers will do a thorough check of your roof which will include:


  • Presence of rotting and mold. If you live in an area where rainfall is high or water keeps dripping on your roof then your roof will definitely be a breeding ground for mold and rot.
  • Roofs should have a 1-meter leak barrier which will prevent the seeping in of water. The appearance of patches indicates that the barrier has failed.
  • When the roof restoration team will see signs of sagging, they will start working immediately as this sagging is a clear indication of structural damage sustained by the roof and the building in while.
  • The team will also check the gutters. As mentioned above, if you have checked those then you can inform them of the same.

In order to retain the beloved roof over your heads, finding the right roof restoration company is essential. But more than that, you need to be aware of your own premises. Whether you have moved into an antique house or have built your own, you need to keep a thorough track of your roof, especially during thunderstorms. A healthy and well-maintained roof will be energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

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