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Contact Center Vs Call Center Software Solution
By ANKUR BARANWAL 1,872 views

Contact Center Vs Call Center Software Solution

Most people around the world don’t know any differences between the call center and the contact center. The Call Center Software and the contact center software solution both look the same when it comes to GUI. The two common things between them are customer service and phone, but there is so much difference between them both. The contact center is a relatively new solution when compared with the call center. Let’s have better knowledge between the two and sighted the difference accordingly.

What is a contact center?

A contact center is one that provides services such as VoIP telephone services just like Call Center Software Solution. Email, text chat, fax, and website interfaces are the services which are added to a contact center. Outside firms can also operate the contact center as they need omnichannel customer support. In the contacts center, there are way more functions, some of them which are telemarketing, debt and billing services. These are the other features than the handling of customer service. These services solve the heap of the optimization issues.

Below are the important features of the contact centers:

Advanced call distribution

With the help of ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) the call centers effectively dispersed the call to the agent. This increases productivity as well as it keeps the customer experience to the maximum. Interactive Voice Response is the best example that boosts the call to the right agent and directs to the branch where the customer’s query will be solved quickly.


For different departments, the agents work on the customized script so that they can clear out the queries. With the help of this, the agents have a suitable framework for sales and support. Scripts may work on the phone, text, email, and wherever the customer wants. But being a good part of the contact center it is important to deviate from the script as the situation can get out of hand and the agents have to show the enhancement.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting and analytics and live reporting are complex and multi-faceted in nature. The data volume is pretty huge which means it is extremely difficult to take out meaningful conclusions. Specific KPIs make the result and it’s important to select some specific KPIs to make data-driven. The right call center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help ensure customer service goals are achieved

What is a call center?

A place where inbound and outbound calls are handled by the individuals, commonly known as agents is known as a call center. Nowadays call centers are equipped with various tools and resources which help the call center to accomplish their goals. A call center works in various fields such as Fraud prevention, collection, telemarketing, or information gathering.

Enhanced Data Access

With Call Center Software Solution, agents have access to the client’s data thoroughly. They organize the data of customers centrally having all the information ranging from personal info to the client’s purchasing history and service. This allows the agent to talk to a customer in a more managed and advanced manner.

Better Sales

Want to drive sales instantly? Go for call centers. Using the call center, the organizations can appoint sales managers who will effectively handle the sales query in an organized manner by their agents of the existing clients. They can easily have access to the transaction history, process the order; issue credits, and can handle each and every aspect of sales service efficiently.

Improved Security

Call centers have a bulk amount of data that is been gathered from different campaigns and collected by the different agents. Not having a reliable and smooth security system means losing vital customer data. It is the most important aspect to have a strong security system.


Businesses are now moving to cloud storage nowadays which means the Call Center Solution can be based on a virtual storage system that can be easily set up and start operating instantly for the business.

Comparison between the two

Specialization is the key feature of both contact center and Call Center Software solutions. That is why many businesses are electing them. Omnichannel service is a necessity for the organization so businesses are picking up the Call Center Software for their sales and support departments.

The call center which is used to field the incoming call and carry the outbound call is used especially for making the phone channel optimized, effective and efficient. With the improvement in the call centers, they are specially designed to handle the large call volumes to perform the specific function on the call.

While looking at the contact center, one will find that they have the same function but they tend to operate on many channels other than the phone. The agents of the contact center work for a common objective but work in various ways.

Choose a contact center or Call Center Software Solution is purely dependent on the organization that will meet the business requirement of an organization also its goals, scale, and activity.

Ankur Baranwal

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