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Writing content of all kinds is a fun profession, and unlike many jobs, it often begins with a passion for writing. Then this passion may turn into a career in which you do not feel bored and may not think that it is a profession routinely, every day you will discover something new through it and learn about Different forms of writing and life.

There are different types of content writing, including technical writing, website writing, business writing, academic writing, and many other types of Content Writing course that you may have to choose one of them and learn carefully or learn various kinds of Content writing to get opportunities to work and learn more.

Content Writing Courses–

HubSpot – Content Marketing Certification Course HubSpot offers 

Consulting and solutions for companies in the field of marketing, sales, and many other areas. They also offer courses in marketing and writing specialized content for marketing on social media platforms or marketing in general. You can find courses on a specialized site for the courses they offer, which is HubSpot Academy, and all the courses offered are free. The technical content writing course for marketing is one of the most important courses offered by the site.

It is presented in a detailed manner and everything you need to know about theContent Writing coursewith an exam after each level you complete. In addition, there is an accredited certificate that you obtain at the end of the course. The course contains 12 topics. At first, it introduces you to the definition of marketing content, how to write it, how to produce ideas for content, and the impact of storytelling or story building for companies and products, and then explains how to become an influential writer and how to make a clear plan for your content.

edX – Academic and Business Writing

Here, we move to another type of content writing: academic content and business writing. It is considered one of the most challenging types of writing as it requires a lot of proofreading and knowledge of the writing style specifically for this type. It contains this course provided by the site EdX, a site dedicated to free courses on the development of the article and how to correct errors and review the work of a theme before it was delivered and choose the right tone and style and appropriate words accurately.

Open2Study – Writing for the Web 

Writing for websites differs in that you need to follow several specific rules to configure search sites so that your article and your entire site appear in the first results when users search for a particular topic. It also differs in the writing style regarding the need to consider who reads you, what their culture is, and how website readers differ, specifically your site. In the Content Writing course, Open2study provides a full explanation of how to write for websites, consider before you start writing for a website the characteristics of good electronic content, and how to plan your content. 

Digital Storytelling – Edraak Platform

Story writing is another type of content writing and is considered a type of technical writing. Still, this time the course mainly contains how to transform a story or storytelling into a digital and interactive account suitable for electronic publishing. Through this course, you will learn about the types of digital storytelling and how to work in a team to produce digital story content and gain the ability to analyze different types of digital storytelling critically.

edX – Writing for Social Media 

Writing for social media platforms is one of the types of writing that is not easy at all. And this is because it cannot be subjected to certain conditions. As everyone writes according to the segment he deals with and is scheduled to use it for some purpose. Whether for sale, entertainment, or other. Contains this Content Writing Service of edX on knowing the target segment that works with appropriate and how the content of that slide and how successful and effective plan for the content provided and how to communicate appropriately with the chip that deals with it through your content.

The essential ingredients for great blogging–

A successful post contains several key elements:

Attractive title

Because the title of your article or blog post is the first thing a visitor sees. It is essential to make sure that it indicates the content of the article in a concise manner. Contains strategic keywords (and remember that the title tag is significant for search taboos) and attracts attention.

Well written and formatted text

The content of your article should be. Well written and formatted in a clear way that makes it easy to read. For example, try using sub-headings and menus to divide the content into different sections.

Photos Video

Multimedia related to the article (such as photos and videos) can make a blog post more interesting. It also helps break up the text to make it more comfortable for the reader’s eyes.


Successful ones usually contain links to related content. These links can lead to what are known as landing pages or sales pages. Which we will discuss more in step five to help you generate more sales opportunities.

A call to action

Every post you publish should include a relevant call to action after you’ve finished reading. This invitation may be subscribing to the feed, newsletter, social media, sharing, or even commenting. All of this will help boost your selling opportunities. (Again, this point will be discussed in more depth in Step Five of this eBook.)

What are you writing about?

Most business and corporate blogs start with a specific purpose or goal. Ask yourself, What are you trying to educate your blog’s visitors and potential and future customers? Remember, this education is usually not about your products or services. But rather about relevant issues and problems that potential customers face that your products or services help solve. A great way to start the Content Writing course is to think about the ten most common questions that new or potential clients have asked you to answer. Then, take each one of these questions and write a short article about it explaining the answer. Doing this once a week for ten weeks will provide you with a strong foundation for a successful blog. Remember to let your experience and knowledge (and some of your passion) stand out through the blog’s content.

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