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At first, you think it is just sweet nectar that gives you pleasure for a few minutes. To pull up a character that suits a friend circle or other situation you can’t deal with it alone, you turn to a glass of liquor as a solution to every problem. When the heart is so broken, if you still have a little hope to reclaim your sober life, find the AA daily reflections book PDF online. You can also stop others from becoming addict by knowing common factors that can lead to alcohol addiction.

Traumatic event

No sinners were born evil, and they become what they are after some heinous incidents that become a permanent stain in their lives. A traumatic event can give you an emotional shock and makes you feel scared of something for a long time. Whenever this incident comes into your mind, you are likely to turn to strong alcohol as a refuge to hide from the truth. This habit can gradually make you do immoral activities day by day. Sometimes you could become brute and violent when the dose of liquor mixes with high emotion.

Peer pressure

It is normal for any human to make new friends as the person reaches adolescence years. If the person moves to a new school or a workplace, the environment of the facility will influence him. If you work with groups of people who love to drink regularly, you may become one of them. If someone offers you a half glass of wine during a party, and you happily accept it, you may get the same offer with an increased level of drink in the next event.


People who have several health conditions that affect their mental strength usually look for solutions to cope with the condition. Although some of them are lucky to find holistic approaches to overcome the problem, many end up relying on alcohol and other intoxicative substances. Addicted to prescribed drugs is also an issue among patients with depressions. Seeking solace from a bottle of wine to cope with anxiety or depression can make you an alcoholic. If you feel sad and blue, keep in mind that alcohol is not a solution.

Genetic factor

Believe it or not, there are habitual drinkers due to their genes. Scientific studies show that the offspring of a family can become an alcoholic if a member in the past was a drinker. There is also a high risk of young ones becoming drinkers after seeing adults drinking too often. Even if they are not much fond of alcohol, they may need to take a few pints of drink to feel comfortable with them.

Nobody knows he or she has become addicted to alcohol until it is too late. If you notice that you have symptoms of alcoholism, download a copy of an AA daily reflection in PDF.

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