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By JOE MAILLET 1,381 views

Tips to Control Pain and Aches in Winter

Winter may be the season for outside activities and fun but for many people with pre-existing pain and aches, this is not a very happy time. During this time, the joint pains start to increase. The freezing temperature along with low barometric pressure helps the discomfort to notify about their presence in the joints.

weak bones and damaged joints can indeed trouble you throughout the year, but the winter is the worst for all. All the old and hidden aches start to come up with all their existence to ruin the fun of the winter season. If you don’t take care of the condition from the start, you need to visit the Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon instead of attending the annual picnic with your friends.

In the winter, the joints become inflexible and stiffness has become quite common. For the people, who are already suffering from orthopedic problems; this time has become tougher for them for movement. The blood circulation disrupts throughout the body and stiffness and aches increase eventually.

So, here are some tips that will help you to control the pains in winter by maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Regular Check-Up: If you have pre-existing problems that make you uncomfortable every winter, then you should not avoid the regular check-up. Visit the Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon to identify the problem area and follow the therapy and regime to get rid of the condition. The physiotherapists will do a thorough check-up to find out the exact cause of the pain that keeps recurring every winter. They will prescribe you exact physiotherapies and exercise so that you can stay fit without any surgery or medicines. Once you will be under the guidance of experienced therapists and follow their regime continuously; you will feel more flexible and fit in the winter.

Balanced Diet: Diet is a huge part of wellness for people who are suffering from joints and pains. Doctors recommend consuming foods with vitamin C, D, and K as they are very effective for joint pains. You must take foods like orange, cabbage, tomatoes, and spinach in your regular diet. If you have a low vitamin D level, then take the prescribed medicine to maintain it.

Knee Guard and Support: To reduce the pain in winter, it is suggested to wear knee guards as it may help with your pain. There are so many varieties of knee supports available in the market. You need to select one according to your size and need. Moreover, it also helps you to protect yourself from serious injury.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Winter is the time when people tend to drink less water. This habit affects the cartilage between our joints and as a result, it causes pain. To maintain smoothness, the body needs to stay hydrated. That’s why you should drink enough water so that your joints can bear the right amount of friction and keep yourself fit and fine.

Joe Maillet

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