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best gluten free pasta
By ARIA TYLER 1,404 views

Cooking with Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Pasta? Remember these Tips!

Decided to try a gluten-free diet and struggling to get the hang of things? Cooking with gluten-free wheat-free pasta can be hard, especially when you are new to it. There are many mistakes to be made, such as filling the pot with too much water or simply not stirring the pasta enough so it sticks. Cooking with wheat-free gluten-free pasta can be tricky for anyone new. So to help you out, we have provided the biggest mistakes people tend to make when cooking with gluten-free and wheat-free pasta:

Too much water?

Due to the starch content of gluten-free pasta, the water in the pot will create a large amount of foam which will then boil over onto your stovetop if it is filled up too much. So, how can you avoid this each and every time? When boiling wheat-free and gluten-free pasta, fill a large pot with about two-quarters of the way with water – not completely all the way to top. Using a large pot will also give the pasta much more room while having less water will ensure the pot won’t boil over.

Is it cooked yet?

Even when cooking regular pasta, overcooking or undercooking the pasta is an easy mistake to make. The best tip to remember is to always follow the instructions on the packaging. However, also remember to taste the pasta noodles before straining. An under-cooked noodle can continue cooking – but an over-cooked noodle means starting all over again. Gluten-free wheat-free pasta continues cooking after being served. Taste a noddle before draining and ensure that it isn’t overly stiff and contains a slight bite.

Forgetting something?

As mentioned before, gluten-free and wheat-free pasta contains a lot of starch. Forgetting to stir when boiling means that the pasta noodles will all stick together in the pot. Not only will the dish be ruined, but cleaning up afterwards can be a nightmare! Apart from remembering to stir, a simple tip is to add a splash of extra virgin olive oil into the water when beginning to boil the water.

Where did the sauce go?

When cooking with wheat-free gluten-free pasta, it can turn out dry if there isn’t enough sauce added at the end. This is because when the pasta is cooling after being served, the pasta will absorb most of the sauce. Not only that, but its starch content will also thicken the sauce as it cools. A simple fix is to just make sure to add extra sauce – it’s that easy! Cook some extra sauce when cooking the recipe to top up the bowl when serving with some extra sauce.

Using gluten-free wheat-free pasta means that you can still enjoy all your favourite meals when switching to a gluten-free lifestyle. Remember these tips and ensure that your next gluten-free pasta meal turns out amazing! Search online for a gluten-free foods supplier today to make sure you are cooking with only the best quality ingredients.

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