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cotton tshirts
By ELLISONBROWN98 679 views

Why are Cotton T-shirts best for Summer?

While winters seem to cover us up completely from head to toe, summer does offer us with innumerable chances to dress up according to our wish. From wearing short dresses to wearing a one-piece, summer is the perfect time for trying and experimenting with different styled clothes even when this season comes with more of a tiring and laid-back vibe.

Do we even need anything when we get the freedom to dress up comfortably according to our wishes? And thus the most suitable way to beat the heat is by trying out cotton clothes like shirts, t-shirts for men and cotton outfits, one-pieces and best t-shirts for women.

Follow the below-mentioned points to get the complete benefit of cotton clothing in the summer months:

Opt for wearing lightweight clothes:

Heavy clothes tend to stick to your body because of your sweat. Whereas the lightweight fabrics give you more comfort as air can pass through it easily and cools your body eventually. Instead of wearing jeans and shirts made of synthetic or other thick material, try to wear clothing made of natural fibers like linen or cotton.

Hold it in the light and see if it seems to be a bit translucent as that will make you understand whether it is lightweight or not. These natural fabrics get dried up faster too compared to the dresses made of heavy materials. Hence you do not really feel that uncomfortable while sweating too much.

Try to wear full sleeves clothes and pants which will cover your whole body:

Wear clothes which would cover your complete body. That would make sure to protect you from the sun. And it is better to buy cotton made clothes as their thin pores keep your body cool and comfortable even during intensely warm climatic conditions.

Long sleeve shirts or polo shirts cover the sensitive areas of your body and it is extremely needed to protect your body from the heat of the sun. Stick to cotton clothes as they are much more breathable than other materials.

Synthetic clothes or silk is not really a good option for summer as it retains heat for long hours and on the other part, it has thick fabric too which causes unnecessary discomfort and irritation.

Wear light-colored clothes:

Dark-colored clothes tend to trap the heat. And you must keep in mind that no matter what, UV rays are always unwelcome for our skin. Even though a bit of sunlight is good for our health, too much of it makes us feel tired and sick.

Hence, it is better to wear light-colored clothes during the summer months as it does not really trap heat so much and thus allow your body to stay relaxed completely.

Fabrics that trap moisture give away an awkward odor too. Cotton gives the utmost comfort as it soaks the moisture and eventually it evaporates from the outer surface of the clothing material.

When you are going to get exposed to the strong heat of the sun, it is a priority to feel comfortable and relaxed. And that is why one needs to wear light weighted and light-colored best t-shirts for women and t-shirts for men to feel the utmost comfort.


Ellison brown is a content marketing head at Clothing Company. She has more than 8+ years of experience in content marketing. She loves to write on fashion, lifestyle, marketing, and business-related topics.