We are going through challenging and uncertain times. The UK is under a strict lockdown to control the spread of COVID-19, a pandemic that has infected more 33,000 people in the UK and claimed over 3000 lives.

The government, already scrambling to contain the coronavirus, ordered a complete closure of non-essential businesses. Most social events were also banned, and the citizens were advised to follow social distancing guidelines and work from home, if possible.

It’s true that the lockdown has disrupted our routine and caused a lot of uncertainty – but if you’re a business owner what does this uncertainty mean for you?

Worrying incidents are taking place all over the country. UK-based emergency services have already warned of an uptick in certain forms of criminal behavior such as deliberate grassfires. Some UK-businesses have even reported break-ins and burglaries.

These developments are extremely alarming but one thing is for sure; if you are a business owner, you need to take charge, evaluate your risks and take measures to safeguard your business and assets- and this is important, regardless of whether you run a corporate office that has shut down, a construction site where work has temporarily ceased or an industrial warehouse.

So, how do you make sure that your commercial property, assets, and equipment remain safe during this lockdown? Here are some of the steps you can take to manage your risk and protect your business:

  • Hire Security Guard Services:

You can hire security guard services  to discourage crime and antisocial behavior on your property. Security guards keep a vigilant watch and are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. They also set up a strong visual deterrent because their mere presence is enough to dissuade potential criminals from targeting your commercial premise.

The sort of security plan you require varies from venue to venue. If you have a store selling essential items, you want to protect against in-store theft, break-ins, and vandalism.

If most of your work happens on-field or at a building site, you need to secure the location along with any valuable assets such as worker’s tools, specialised equipment, building material or machinery, on-site presence could be a lot more effective. That’s why you should opt for a cost-effective static guarding package.

Hire security guard services by all means but make sure that you’re choosing a reliable and established security company.

  • Fire Safety Services & CCTV Surveillance

The COVID-19 lockdown is a strict measure borne out of extraordinary circumstances. Disruptions do not mean crime disappears; it merely shifts shape. While incidents of public hooliganism are expected to plummet, offenses such as vacant property break-ins and deliberate grassfires have already increased.

Whether you own an SME, a retail establishment, vacant property or a warehouse, it’s better to take measures to guard against all eventualities and threats; that includes the threat of deliberate fires, vandalism, and break-ins.

Most businesses rely on CCTV surveillance for security purposes. Fire safety installations such as fire alarm systems  are not just needed for security purposes, they’re also essential for the safety of your visitors and staff.

  • Mobile Patrol Services

Some businesses do not require an around-the-clock security presence. For such business owners, mobile patrol services can be a cost-effective way to guard their business property.

Mobile patrol officers are responsible for security audits and post-closure inspections, in which they counter check if everything is locked and orderly. They’re also tasked with visiting your business premises after random but regular intervals.  You can also entrust them with locking and unlocking services.

Mobile patrol services are a budget-savvy way to make sure that your business is protected against incidents of theft, break-ins, and vandalism. They work well for vacant property and you can also hire security guard services for external site patrols and after-hours security.

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