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The global outbreak of novel COVID-19 virus has brought the whole world to an abrupt stop. The spread of coronavirus pandemic has immensely impacted the world economy. Even though we are trying our best to deal with the anxiety and fear in this tough situation, our younger generation- the students- are mostly bearing the brunt of the cuts.

As the situation of lockdown is imposed in the country, the schools to higher education institutions are apprehensive about the upcoming academic terms. For the prospective or current students, the situation seems to be confusing about the direction of the academic course.

Parents who were keen on availing an overseas education for their children are reconsidering their decisions. Countries and Regions like the UK, USA, Europe have recently seen an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases while these countries are also home to some of the world’s leading universities. Therefore, the parents are relooking the option of Higher education in the country. In India too, the delay in board examinations and entrance exams held in Universities has thrown the national academic schedule into a state of disorganisation.

However, during this lockdown, students can indulge themselves in many other activities along with their normal academic courses to be well prepared for the future. It is a time to learn and adapt new skills irrespective of the industry they want to work in.

Below given are some of the activities that can help children deal with their anxiety :

  • Online learning

Various platforms like Coursera, Class Central, Udemy, EDX, etc provides innumerable courses that may match your area of interest. Some platforms also provide free courses. So this is a very good time to engage in some productive learning activities.

  • Prepare for the entrance examination

As the Entrance exams are getting postponed, a student has a better chance to utilize the lockdown period and prepare effectively. The two common things tested in the entrance exams irrespective of the subject are- Memory and Problem-Solving Abilities. At this crucial time, one can practice these two skills and understand the application of the concepts. They must practice more and more sample papers and mock tests within a time frame. This will help them deal with the real problems once they enter college.

  • Reading

Reading is the best way to deal with stress. It not only helps as a great stress reliever but also improves your imagination and abstract thinking. The benefits of n language improvement and vocabulary are complementary.

  • Learn about various career options in your stream

As we know that the education industry has been tremendously affected by Coronavirus breakdown and the lockdown has led to a stop in career graph. It is, therefore, advisable to go through all the possible options in your stream which can be considered as soon as the lockdown is lifted. This chaos can become a boon if used in a better way.

Let the COVID 19 never stop our Learning. Let us make ourselves more and more adaptive so that worse and worse conditions in the future cannot shackle our will power.

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