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How to Create an AI App Using OpenAI’s API in 5 Steps
By SUHAIL KHAN 1,500 views

How to Create an AI App Using OpenAI’s API in 5 Steps

Everyone is talking about the latest sensation OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This revolutionary chatbot has brought a transformative change in the chatbot market. Its highly human-like conversation ability makes it an incredible AI-powered chatbot application. And to allow businesses to leverage a similar capability, OpenAI has now released its dedicated APIs for integrating its chatbot functionality in applications.

Since these APIs are relatively new and require expertise due to the involvement of AI & ML, many developers and app owners don’t know how to use these APIs to build applications. If you are also looking for expert assistance in this, here you will know how to create an AI app using OpenAI’s API in 5 simple steps along with cost and timeline.

So why wait then? Let’s get started

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is an organization that defines itself as a commercial Artificial Intelligence (AI) which provides access to AI tools for public usage. This organization initially was established and funded by Elon Musk along with other investors in 2015. But later in 2019, it changes into a for-profit company and partnered with Microsoft.

OpenAI developed GPT-3, an AI-based language model which generates classifying text, and summarized data. Then in Nov 2022, it launched the ChatGPT, an AI-powered conversational UI that produces a broad range of content and outputs. OpenAI’s specialization mostly involves developing AI models like AI Chatbot apps. They are known for chatbot development using artificial intelligence& machine learning, and other innovative technologies.

What are OpenAI’s APIs?

OpenAI provides several AI-based language models with different capabilities. These models can be integrated through APIs in applications. Developers can integrate these APIs for many purposes and also customize them within a certain scope. OpenAI provides a wide range of models or APIs for utilizing the capabilities of their developed AI models like ChatGPT, OpenAI Playground, GPT models, and more.

So while you start working to build an AI app using OpenAI’s APIs, you should be very clear about what API you need as per your application purpose. Each API has some distinct features. If you want to develop a chatbot app like ChatGPT, you would need to select a dedicated API for this. Below are the popular OpenAI APIs or models currently available that anyone can use in developing AI apps.

  1. GPT-4
  2. GPT-3.5
  3. DALL-E
  4. Whisper
  5. Embeddings
  6. Moderation
  7. GPT-3
  8. Codex
  9. Point-E
  10. Whisper
  11. Jukebox
  12. CLIP

Steps to Build an AI App Using OpenAI’s APIs

Developing AI applications is a complex process. It is because it requires expertise in integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in application development. OpenAI’s APIs are relatively new and need good knowledge of working with AI models and programming. Therefore, to ensure you successfully build the app using these APIs, it is wise to hire dedicated app developers who possess proven skills in implementing such technology. However, these steps can also help you build the app flawlessly.

1. Define Your AI App’s Goals

You must have a purpose behind developing an AI application. So give it a proper structure as to what problems you want to solve through this application. Who is the target audience of the application? What features do you want to create to solve the defined problems? For this, you need to conduct in-depth research and accurately understand your project requirements. This will give you a clear idea of which OpenAI’s API or model suits your application.

2. Select the features and functionalities

OpenAI’s APIs come with different capabilities. It can be used in applications to enable ChatGPT-like chatbot functionality. You can integrate OpenAI’s models in the application for creating automated content generating or real-time query assistance for customer service. So define the functionalities of your AI application and select what features you want in the app. Since each OpenAI API has some distinctive ability, you can decide to analyze their capabilities as well. Here are the key features which you can build into the app.

  • Language generation
  • Image Generation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Content generation
  • Data Analytics
  • Automated assistance

3. Choose the OpenAI’s API and Start development

Once you have determined the features of your AI application, it’s time to select the required API or model.   After this, you would need to integrate the chosen API in your application accurately. This phase is crucial since it will give the real share to your app.

Therefore, try to take assistance or outsource your project to the top mobile app development companies that specialize in creating AI-based applications with the latest APIs and other technologies. To integrate an OpenAI model, you will receive an API key from them. You will receive the key in the form of an encrypted code. Hence, make sure your team uses it securely.

Step 4: Perform Test and QA Audit

After the development of an AI application and its related features also can undergo so the QA team has to perform multiple tests to ensure there is no bug and the application is free from all errors. Once the application is validated by the QA team you can process it ahead.

Step 5: Deploy and Review

At this stage, your AI application is ready for deployment. You can now launch it and let users access its features. While this stage might appear as final, you still need to keep a constant watch on how the application is performing in the real world. Based on user feedback, make necessary changes to your application whenever required.

Timeline and Cost Of Building An Application Using OpenAI’s API

The cost to Develop an AI application using OpenAI’s API is varying. It depends on several factors like which API model you have integrated, the size and complexity of the application, the number of features, etc. So to know the exact cost is not straightforward. However, on average, the cost to build a basic or simple AI application using OpenAI’s API can go between $50,000-$100,000.

However, this may vary depending on various associated factors.

And when it comes to determining the timeline needed to build a full-fledged AI application, it is also not definite. But, a simple application can take between 6-12 months. Hence, the best way to estimate the timeline and cost to build an AI application with OpenAI’s API is to approach a professional mobile app development company that works in this field. They would give you an estimated cost and timeline based on your project requirements.


Developing AI applications is a complex process. It involves great technical expertise. You need to know AI and ML models to accurately utilize them in your application. And since OpenAI’s APIs are relatively new in the market, you should try to hire dedicated app developers or outsource your project to an experienced company.

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