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The range and variety of credit card benefits that issuers offer today are staggering. Sometimes they come in the form of reward points, at other times as discounts and cashback, and on other occasions as complimentary privileges given to you because you are a credit card holder. While you can use one to manage your finances, certain credit card offers can help you boost the power of your money.

Look at 5 amazing credit card benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on to do so.

Free air miles and airport lounge access

If you travel by air regularly, you should make the most of credit card deals and offers on air travel. For example, some cards award airmiles when you spend a specific amount, waivers on air tickets prices, and also accelerated reward points every time you use your credit card. To top it all off, they usually grant you access to airport lounges too, making travelling more affordable whether it’s for business or leisure.

Complimentary movie tickets every month

If catching the latest blockbuster at a theatre is a regular feature in your schedule, why not pick a credit card that offers deals on movie tickets? These deals may come in the form of a couple of free movie tickets every month or discounts on tickets purchased using your credit card. Use a credit card that offers this benefit to reduce your entertainment expenditure without compromising.

Attractive discounts on dining

If you are fond of eating out and trying new cuisines, having the right credit card can make this passion affordable. Sign up for one that offers discounts on dining. Some credit cards offer discounts of up to 40% on the entire bill, while others give you perks such as a complimentary appetiser, drink or dessert at partner outlets.

Valuable cashback offers and reward points on fuel

Fuel is becoming increasingly expensive, so if you’re a vehicle owner pick a card that offers a fuel surcharge waiver up to a certain percentage. Further, note that some credit cards offer cashback and/or accelerated reward points at partner fuel stations. This makes fuel more affordable in the grand scheme of things.

Generous insurance benefits

You may not have an insurance plan on your mind when researching credit cards, but several issuers do offer this benefit to you. For example, your credit card may allow you to claim travel insurance in the event that your baggage is untraceable for over 48 hours, while others may offer an accidental death benefit instead.

To ensure that you can access unique credit card offers, read your issuer’s brochures and website carefully. Do this before you apply for a credit card to get the best deal.

One good credit card you can count on is the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. It offers the benefits of 4 types of credit cards, rolled into one. You can use it at an ATM for 50-day interest-free cash withdrawals, to secure a 90-day interest-free personal loan, and to convert purchases above Rs.3,000 into easy EMIs.

Using this card not only lets you save finances to the tune of Rs.55,000 annually but also gives you credit card deals and discounts. These attractive offers are applicable to all categories from travel and food to gadgets, apparel, and accessories. Further, you can apply, make credit card bill payments and manage your account online. The approval process is speedy and Bajaj Finserv even allows you to check your pre-approved offer. This helps hasten the process further when you apply using one of the customised deals.

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