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Crime investigation officer
By JOE MAILLET 1,460 views

Top 8 Skills of Crime Investigation officer to Know in 2021

Technology is rapidly overtaking every sector or industry out there. It is providing new gadgets and tools to promote progress and development. While this is advantageous, it is also obliviously aiding criminals. It has enabled them to conduct more high-stakes crimes, burdening the judiciary system in tracking and locking away these criminals. Now more than ever, there is a constant need for crime investigators.

They are professionals in the field and have an adequate amount of knowledge to carry out the necessary investigations and arresting criminals. Crime investigators also track down missing people and run background checks for security clearance. It is why they need a specific set of highly specialized skills to do their job.


A crime investigator is responsible for understanding and working in different environments. Some cases are sensitive and need a delicate hand while handling. Regardless of the case, to this day, there are specific skills a crime investigator will always need for the days to come.


When working on a crime scene, an investigator must come up with the clues of what seems to have happened. They must ensure to ask witnesses as many questions as possible and be able to connect the dots. They need to be analytic and must logically approach each case. These key factors help them eliminate personal prejudices, bias, and unnecessary opinions =, which is essential because you don’t want to create a false narrative. Generally, cases can be complicated, and there is much groundwork to cover. When detectives can critically analyze a situation, they can predict a pattern of the perpetrator’s behavior. Predictive patterns help in guiding the investigator to their next or indicate where to initiate the investigation.


Investigators are excellent listeners. They do not let emotions cloud their feature. They are as stoic as possible, which is vital because facial expressions can influence people to change their answers to your reaction. While investigating, they listen quietly and attentively to pick up on loopholes in the story. Because examining witnesses helps them to understand the crime scene better. While investigating perpetrators, they can pick up how true their alibi sounds. Part of active listening is observing body language. There are specific actions and minor behavioral patterns that help detectives in deciphering the authenticity of the details.


Investigators have sufficient education about laws, legal codes, and court procedures. They know while conducting an investigation, they must only work within the framework of government regulations. Knowledge of this sort is achievable through education, such as pursuing criminal justice degree online, which is pivotal for their career. New candidates are pursuing online programs to prevent any lag during any lockdown or restricted movement policies.

Detectives are indeed serving the people. They cannot protect civilians while violating federal and government laws. Criminals have rights too. Courts conduct the prosecution through appropriate legal channels.


A Modern investigator incorporates technology as much as possible. Technology has made crime investigations more accessible. Using the police database, they can run fingerprint scanning. Retrieve financial statements. Search programs or databases to find missing people or obtain relevant information. They must also be computer literate, especially naming the hardware and software programs for their criminal investigations. They must know how to receive footage from security cameras, which can be crucial in work.


While documenting reports, investigators are writing for the client and prospective court cases. The structure of the document must be clear and accurate. In addition to their command over writing, they need to have strong oral skills. Communication skills are critical to be a successful detective. Detectives should know what questions are vital to the case. When given a chance, detectives should also brush up on the second most common language spoken. Which is a crucial skill as they can effectively reduce the need for a translator and save time. They also need to be persuasive in their spoken language, and that means selecting the right words.


Not every case is fast-paced. Most of the time, it requires a gradual build-up. During surveillance operations, the wait is indefinite. Therefore, detectives should always try and be more patient while working on every case. Patience also helps in making critical and sound decisions instead of rushing into a situation. Such as when to use a firearm and a defensive tactic.


During your detective work, you’ll be traveling immensely. A good understanding of geography makes you better at your job. You can use gadgets like tracking, GPS, and online maps to locate areas of interest or trailing a potential perpetrator.


During times of emergency or national crises, various police departments need a singular and unified focus. Crime investigators are best suited for this job. Due to their high endurance and resilience, they have strong leadership skills.

While investigating crimes, time is an essential factor. A capable leader knows how to delegate tasks effectively and appropriately divide labor. A strong leader must keep the team stable and ensure the mission gets done efficiently. To brush your leadership skills, look into leadership courses. Be more assertive and confident in your skills. Apply strategic plans where needed and be discreet in your planning. In addition to these qualities, a good leader knows when to ask for help, so don’t hesitate to contact other departments.


Investigators are vital for keeping communities safe. There are different types of crime investigators. While serving in their area of expertise, they’re all committed to one mutual goal. Keep the harmony in society intact.

Detectives are known for their distinguished behavior and skill, making them so different from police officers if you’re interested in pursuing a career in this division. Remember to brush up on different skill sets that make a detective best suited for their job. Work your way through your career now by earning the appropriate credentials.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.

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