In case you’re planning a complete custom and designer kitchen, there are several necessary guidelines that should be considered. One of the main features of an ideal kitchen is its efficiency and effectiveness. Designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old one must have a design change and consider the elements of lighting as well in the design. Utilizing the space available in the best possible manner will make the kitchen more efficient based on the specific lifestyle of your family. Generally, professional kitchen remodelers or designers will begin with something called the “kitchen triangle”.  Optimum lighting and space creation are needed in this area as a major portion of cooking, peroration and garnishing are done within this triangular framework.

It is important for a complete custom and designer kitchen to be cohesive and in sync with the requirements of the homeowner.

Complete Custom And Designer Kitchen

Basics Of Complete Custom And Designer Kitchens:

  • Designing the kitchen

Customized kitchen design is much more efficient than a readymade one. The first area the designer works when making a complete custom and designer kitchen is its kitchen or work triangle zone. The basic concept is that there are three major areas within a kitchen, and they are usually arranged in a well-designed triangular shape. The refrigerator, stove, and sink are the primary areas of preparation. The total sum of the three angles should necessarily be lesser than 13 feet and should not exceed 26 feet. This formula will keep these areas of the kitchen in the right proportion and in a balanced state. Following this formula, designers help maintain an optimum environment within the full custom kitchen.

  • Lighting to be considered

There should always be ample lighting in your kitchen. The kitchen should ideally have a good source of natural light from the windows or the sliding doors. You should ideally consider the number as well as the size of the windows in your kitchen. You can ideally incorporate large-sized windows in your kitchen to brighten things up. Designers will also make provisions and optimum lighting options for nighttime as well.

In a complete custom and designer kitchen, the primary spots are chosen where lighting focus is to be given. Much homeowners love investing in decorative lighting, as well as they, enhance the ambiance. In kitchens where you dine with your family, lighting must be chosen wisely. There are several lighting options which are available depending on the budget and style that you prefer.

  • Lifestyle needs

Every family has its own style of life and this is definitely the main planning consideration that needs to be taken when designing the custom kitchen. There are several aspects which need to be considered like how many people will usually cook inside the kitchen at the same time, the total number of family members, etc.

  • Colour schemes

Colour is also a very important element in complete custom and designer kitchen planning. Designers take adequate time in planning the colour scheme for the kitchen and its components. Based on individual requirements the choice of colours must be made.

When going for a complete custom and designer kitchen, the designer will show you a lot of samples. It is always recommended to visit some sites and see the work of the designer with your own eyes before finalizing them. By implementing the above pointers, you will soon be the owner of the kitchen space of your dreams. This is always a great idea to get an expert professional opinion from experienced designers.

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