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cake boxes
By SARAH LOTUS 2,221 views

Encase your Amazingly Customized Cakes in Lavishing Custom Cake Boxes

Cakes are the yummiest and delicious bakery item which everyone likes to eat. You can see cakes all the time at the events and the occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines, Christmas, etc., just cannot be celebrated without the presence of a yummy cake.

So, a customized kind of cake also requires a beautiful customized kind of packaging in which you can encase your cake to serve it elegantly. There are many packaging companies out there who make customize forms of custom printed cake boxes in which you can encase your yummy cakes.

cake boxes

The following are some of the ways you can design to embrace your cake boxes:

Select a Best Company for the Cake Packaging

Selecting a company that can provide you with the best wholesale cake boxes is not difficult to find. You can read the reviews and feedbacks of the company and select the best cake packaging company to encase your elegant cakes.

Nowadays, there are numerous packaging companies in the market. However, select a good one for cake box customization. You can avail wholesale option as it will be considered a little cheap cake packaging approach.

There are experts in this field who can design your boxes eye-catching and attractive. The best companies always send a mock-up video for your ease of understanding of the packaging. So, wait no more and hurry up, choose the best packaging company of your choice and make people fall in love with your attractive custom bakery boxes.

Get Eco-friendly Material for Your Cake Boxes

Get eco-friendly material cake packaging to encase your cakes. The environment-friendly material attracts more people to grab the product as people love the environment. There are various material choices which you can select from the market for your cakes. For instance, you can avail of kraft and cardstock material boxes for your cakes. Both materials are sustainable and lightweight and will keep your delicate cakes safe.

The kraft material box is sturdy enough to protect your cakes. But there is one drawback that you cannot send this material box on international shipment. You have other options as well that you can utilize materials such as corrugated and rigid. These materials are really good for international shipment. While designing the box, also focus on the depth of the box that the cream of the cake doesn’t merge with the lid of the box.

To save your money, get wholesale cake packaging. It will save you money for sure. You can also utilize a rigid cake box for luxurious cake packaging. You can also encase your cupcakes in rigid cake packaging.

Emblazon the Cake Packaging with Attractive Features

You can embrace your packaging by adding additional features. You can choose an attractive design for your cake boxes. The designing of the cake boxes is equally essential as material selection.

The outlook of the cake packaging attracts people more. So, get your cake box packaging customized elegantly. You are free to customize cake packaging according to your choice. However, just add different graphical imprints and colors on the cake box. You can also encase your cake in the box according to the theme of the cake packaging.

Additionally, you can also decide on the customized kind of layout for your cake boxes. The layout of the cake packaging depends on your choice. You can design the box by adding various window cut-outs or a single. The window cake boxes look very elegant. You can see the cake inside the box with the help of the window feature.

Decide Your Design Perspective and Printing Options

For delivering your cake box packaging design perspective, you can illustrate your idea in photoshop or illustrator.

Therefore, after deciding your layout, the next step is printing the designed layout. So, you can print it through the digital printer as they comprise high-quality ink. Nowadays, there are numerous printing techniques in the market:

  • Digital
  • Offset
  • Screening printing methods.

You can select from the above printing techniques to embrace the outlook of your cake packaging.

The following are some of the key additional printing options which you can add to the custom cake boxes wholesale to make your cake packaging look enticing:

  • Stickers
  • UV spots
  • Embossed Font
  • Debossed Font
  • Glittery Patterns
  • Brand Logo
  • Cake ingredients
  • PVC Window

The addition of all these above features will make your cake boxes look unique and will help them to stand out in the market tremendously. So, change the outer look of your cake packaging today to stand out in the market is a great way.

sarah lotus

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