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Regardless of what occasion it is, candles always make the best gift. What if these beautiful scented pieces of art come wrapped in lovely packaging instead of the standard ones? We agree on the fact that the primary purpose of packaging is to protect the object packed inside. Still, you have no idea how manufacturers are using customization as an excellent marketing tool. Custom candle boxes are the most non-fancy yet fancy marketing tools. By choosing the prints, patterns, colors, styles, and shapes of the boxes, you can transform the whole look of the package making it more fascinating for the customers.

Wait! Consider yourself a customer wandering in a gift shop in search of a good scented candle to gift it to your friend this Christmas. What would grab your attention first? Is it the scent? Can you see it? No! Right. The packaging is the first thing you would notice. Now, imagine a rack full of colorful and beautifully packaged candles and the other shelf with some boring standard packaged candles. Where would you go? The rack having colorful candle boxes for sale will not let you look anywhere else. This is what good packaging strategy does.

How to be different from other Brands?

It is essential to be different, unique, and do something out of the box to get noticed. Besides the research for proposing unique fragrances to the candles, you have to make the outlook more interesting. Make the design eye-catching to grab the attention of the customers. Please pay special attention to designing your candle boxes; you can emboss unique quotes related to different occasions, including birthdays, new year, weddings, and charismas, to make them gift-ready. Play with the shapes of the boxes to make the product stand out; for instance, you can choose light house-shaped boxes, circles, ovals, star-shaped, and even gable boxes.

Transparency is the best way to earn the trust of your customers. Survey in different markets and retail shops revealed that candle boxes with window are more likely to make it to the shopping carts from the retail shelves. Therefore, add Ons such as PVC windows are essential sometimes to provide a sneak peek to your customers of the product they are buying.

Another technique to make your product noticeable is the careful selection of colors. You must have heard the term “play with colors,” but do you know what impact it can cause on your business? Yes! Colors can impart a meaning to the packaging. Each color has a distinct impression on the human brain. Use this link between colors and human psychology to empower branding.

Candles & Aromatherapy

Soothing scents and fragrances have an extraordinary impact on the mind and body. They tend to release hormones that leave the mind and body relaxed. Homes, spa, and salons extensively use aromatherapy. If you want to make your candles favorite among the spa dealers and regular customers, you have to make the packaging user-friendly and grasping. Design the luxury candle boxes with keeping your target audience in mind. Beautiful packaging is not enough to make your product sellable; functionality and durability of the packaging are also critical requirements of the right quality product. Customization enables you to design the boxes while targeting a particular set of customers. For instance, you can print details on the boxes of candles used for aromatherapy, how does the scent work, what impact it creates, and other information. You can write exciting facts, and researches such as peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) improves exercise and breathing.

Go Green with the Eco-friendly Luxury Candle Packaging

The packaging industry is a significant contributor to worsened environmental conditions. It is, therefore, the need of the hour to be more environmentally responsible for the packaging. Many grand level manufacturers and businesses are finding a way out to this problem.

Eco-friendly packaging is the answer! Yes, recyclable and compostable packaging material is the only replacement that can bring the planet back to life from the verge of destruction. Try to opt for ecofriendly material to make candle boxes wholesale; this will not only reduce your construction cost but will build a responsible market image of your brand. Many ecofriendly materials such as kraft paper, cardstock, and cardboard are ideal for making candle boxes. This easily recyclable material will cut waste production and make you grow sustainably.

How would customization let you Earn More Revenues?

Customization requires market-based research of the trends and hypes. This lets you connect to your target demographic with such ease, unlike your competitors. Therefore, eco friendly boxes will make you one step ahead of the competition.

Personalized candle boxes that do not just look like décor items but give a feeling of love wrapped in warmth will make your candles the most sellable among the various brand options for the same product. Moreover, customization is an excellent way to earn customer’s loyalty. A right quality product with a durable packaging will let the customers buy from your brand repeatedly, and they will not settle on something less than your brand is providing. In short, you will earn more revenues.

Another key to build loyalty through customization is to make sure that the options you are providing are unique from what the competitors are offering. Try to be as unique as possible. Play with your creativity to make your designs eye-catching and enthrall the customers through your artistic visuals and durable quality. Make them feel that the money they spent on purchasing your product is worth it.

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