Custom cone sleeves

Once you have set up your ice cream business, you have to work on the packaging aspect. In the case of ice creams, it’s their wrappers mostly known as custom ice cream cone sleeves by city of packaging that plays an important role. These cone sleeves not only acts as a protective layer but also allows vendors to advertise their ice cream range. If you aren’t sure which type of ice cream cone sleeve will suit your brand, take a look at these three types of waffle cone sleeves.

Paper Made cone sleeves, light weight and strong grip for kids

From the customer’s point of view, it’s the paper material that is used for manufacturing Custom waffle cone sleeves. To an extent, it is fine as most of the cone sleeves we see around are made from paper. The use of paper is common because it’s lightweight and can be customized easily. With time, several new material options also have been made available for making cone sleeves. 

You have to decide the type of material based on your budget and ice cream flavours. If you want to target kids, then the paper cone sleeves are perfect. Paper material due to its lightweight provides a strong grip for kids. The small hands of kids cannot bear any extra weight. Also, the grip of the cone sleeve has to perfect so that kids can hold them easily. 

 Plastic made cone sleeves

Previously, the paper cone sleeves were very popular. As mentioned before, brands prefer to use them for their weight and customization options. In today’s era, plastic ice cream cone wrappers wholesale have taken the place of paper cone sleeves. Observe around your surroundings, you will see every second ice cream parlour uses plastic cone sleeves because they are:

  • Durable than custom paper cone sleeves
  • Easy to customize 
  • Not that expensive

Metal made cone sleeves such as aluminum 

The trend of using ordinary paper made cone sleeves has now changed. Ice cream manufacturers now want to target their customers with innovative cone sleeves. Aluminum cone sleeves are also being manufactured at a large scale. As the name says, Aluminum sheets are used to make aluminum cone sleeves. 

Compared to all other material options, aluminum is the strongest. It has all the characteristics of any metal material hence it provides excellent durability. The customization of the aluminum cone sleeve is also very easy. You can customize a wide range of aspects. These cone sleeves are also eco-friendly compared to plastic cone sleeves.  

Metal foil and cardboard made cone sleeves 

Give the metallic look to your custom ice cream cone wrappers by using that different metallic foils. Different kinds of metallic foils are available that make your cone sleeves look attractive. The added shine provides by these metallic foils helps you differentiate your waffle cone sleeves. Gold, silver, and aluminum are a few examples of metallic foils.

Who isn’t familiar with the cardboard material? It’s the most utilized packaging material around the world. You can order cardboard made ice cream sleeves for your brand. Get all the benefits of cardboard material by using cardboard ice cream sleeves. These cone sleeves are easy to use and provide a ton of customizations. Print your brand name on them, choose the font of your choice, and let the world know about you flavoured ice creams. Cardboard cone sleeves are eco-friendly and help you get attention from customers who care about the environment. You can use the eco-friendly factor of cardboard cone sleeves for advertising your ice creams.  

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