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By JAMES HARPER 2,296 views

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Custom Packaging Printing Company

The process of rebranding is not at all easy. There are many companies who do not have the chance to work with a proper marketing or branding organization. When a custom packaging printing company that has been in operation for many years wants to grow out of its old shell and become more popular among its customers it contacts a rebranding agency. The ad campaigns create around the packing, not the other way around. Therefore, packaging plays an important role in reinventing the brand value and recognition. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when planning a rebranding campaign:

The Best way of Working with Package Designs:

  1. Take an updated survey of the market to find out what changes have been made in the wants and expectations of the target customers.
  2. Inform the customers about the updates in the formula or any other positive changes that are made in the brand. This information can communicate with the help of the brands.
  3. Plan and execute special edition products for the holiday season and other important occasions. This gives the customers the impression that the brand is being considerate.
  4. Make some changes in the new custom packaging printing company with the logo. The new logo and the print of the package will grab the attention of shoppers.
  5. Arrange for free samples of the products that are either newly introduced or are not getting a great response. These small free pouches shall mark as free and pack with the popular products of the brand.
  6. Offer something extra like a kitchen accessory or a keychain to the customers. These products should also match the packaging of the products so that they look good.
  7. Try to sell some products in different weight classes for the ease of the buyers. Design every product packaging with the help of custom packaging.
  8. Think about arranging a big gift-based campaign with the help of a lucky draw. The customers will able to take part in the draw with the help of the package that they buy.
  9. Offer something extra like 24% or 50% more product for the same price. Tell it to the customers with the help of placing stickers on the packaging. Die cut stickers are especially attractive for customers because they can see the custom shape and sticker design better.
  10. Make sure that the packaging not only looks good on the outside but it is also a great way of keeping the products preserved for travel and storage time.
  11. Select a green-conscious custom printing company that generates biodegradable products.


The best way to reach out to the customers is not with marketing but rather with the product packaging. When the customers who have been ignoring a product with a boring packaging view that same product in a new style. They are sure to pay some attention to it. That is the right time to capture the full attention of the targeted audiences with the advertisement. The truth of the matter is that the customers are able to think about the products not more than a few moments.

James Harper

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