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Purchasing a car can be a time-consuming, tedious process, so say clientele and, unhappily, a study confirms that view. These days the car sales process contentment rate has reduced to about 74% among customers says Alex Korchmar. Here are some reasons why customer satisfaction with car dealership business is going to reduce:

Half the time send at the dealership is frustrating

According to a study, purchasers are least pleased with the long purchase process. On average, patrons spend 3 hours at the dealership when they buy a car. In fact, half of that time is spent bargaining or doing paperwork.

It is essential to note that “Financing/Paperwork” and “Negotiations” are cited regularly as the most annoying parts of the process. It will take an approximate one hour and thirty-one minutes to complete. This means about 49% of the time a consumer spends at the dealership during the auctions journey.

Not enough time to send on pleasant activities

According to Alex Korchmar, not only the car dealerships force clientele to go through annoying experiences, but they also reduce the amount of time on activities that the consumer enjoys. Those activities include:

  • Test driving
  • Setting up the car upon acquisition (interior, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Getting knowledgeable about the car (make, model, safety, etc.)

For the above activities, salesperson spends, on average, at least eight to nine minutes less with the consumer than customers would suppose. So not only you are forcing customers to partake in activities they hate, but you are taking time away from activities they like.

The human factor

Another variable affecting customer contentment with dealerships is the communication a purchaser has with different persons. Whether it is about auctions or service journey, consumer satisfaction is at approximately 80% when having interaction with only one employee. However, that figure can fall to almost 50% when communicating with three or four employees. The reason behind this is during each conversation, consumers have to explicate their situations from scuff or work with persons who have different individuality, which can be hectic.

So, what to do in order to deal with such issues

A complex shift may be necessary for how car dealers do business with more focus on clientele and more attempt directed toward making consumers experiences as flawless as probable.

Technology will play an important role in fixing these issues emphasis Aleksandr Korchmar. This is because there are tools that can optimize a car dealerships business on a grand scale. With a permutation of digitalization, computerization, and development in business processes, the dealership experience can alter to reduce manual processes and interactions. This allows the workforce to expend more time with the consumer instead of implementing traditional auctions tasks.

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Alex Korchmar
Alex Korchmar
Alex Korchmar from Brooklyn, New York is a well-established presence in the New York construction industry as the leader of Alkor Capital. His firm also has interests spanning automotive dealerships and real estate development.

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